Megan and Kyle

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How We Met

It was love at first sight! Well, for him. He was a senior in high school, charming, and incredibly confident. I was 15 and well, awkward :) We met through a childhood friend at a party. We chatted a few times that night but I thought he was out of my league.

As my friend and I were leaving the party, he stuck his head in the car window and said, “You’re beautiful!” It was adorable. I thought he had just drank too many Bacardi’s on Ice. Oh, the high school days!

Later that evening, he told his mom, “I’m going to marry her one day.” I smile every time she tells that story. We met up a few days later and that’s all she wrote! I was smitten. We became “official” on February 22nd, 2004. I still remember exactly how they asked me to be his girlfriend.

We dated for three years before eventually calling it quits. I went off to college and graduate school; he started his business and career. We had other serious relationships. We moved on with our lives.

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Just when you think you have it all planned out, life throws a curve ball. Our paths crossed in the fall of 2012 and we’ve never looked back!

how they asked

He surprised me with a photoshoot for us and our fur babies in the Outer Banks scheduled for the following week. For months I dropped subtle hints (aka whined) about wanting professional pictures taken, so I assumed he finally caved. Persistence for the win!

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Saturday arrived! My sister and her best friend were there to help hold the pups while the photographer snapped photos of us.

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Around 20 minutes into the shoot, she had us pose with my hand on his chest. Suddenly I felt his heart literally pounding out of his chest. I asked, “Are you okay?!” Followed with a typical Megan pep talk, “Why are you nervous now? We’re halfway through!”

He told me to look up.

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From that moment on, everything felt like a dream.

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At 2:22 PM, Kyle proposed with a 2.22 carat diamond ring to match our dating anniversary, 2/22.

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Naturally, I stuck out the wrong arm. #alwaysawkward

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Within minutes, both of our families ran out on the beach. He arranged for them to all be there watching from a distance. We all met back at our beach house that afternoon to celebrate.

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I am so thankful the moment was captured by Amanda Sibert of Sharon Elizabeth Photography. She was amazing and I still tear up when I look through the photos. And another big thank you to Jenny Hawk of OBX Airplanes!

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It was the most incredible day of my life.

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He is the most amazing man, my other half, and I am beyond thankful for him.

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Special Thanks

Jenny Hawk
 | OBX Airplanes LLC
Amanda Sibert
 | Sibert Photography
Sharon Hundley
 | Sharon Elizabeth Photography