Megan and Kyle

Image 1 of Megan and Kyle

How We Met

We met at work! I had been working there for two years when he started. I thought he was cute but was disappointed to find out he was married at the time. Through a very tragic turn of events he ended up getting divorced. We had never talked for more than a few seconds for work related things but for some reason we were drawn to each other and the same year his wife left him we started dating. It’s like it was meant to be!

How They Asked

Thanks to COVID his planned proposal changed but I’m so glad it did because couldn’t have been more perfect. I got home and saw a giant red note on my front door. At first I thought I was being evicted but it was the beginning of a trail of notes highlighting special moments we shared in the 3 three years. It lead to the opposite end of the house where I opened the door to him on one knee. It was so simple but so meaningful and romantic.