Megan and Koby

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How We Met

How you met: We met at a summer camp we were both working at in the summer of 2019, a place that means so much to the both of us. We were paired up to lead a team of counselors together, but didn’t really know each other previously. We immediately clicked and became best friends. Everyone thought we were together or going to date! I (bride) of course had feelings immediately. He claims he didn’t. We were just friends until November of 2019 when he came to visit my friends and I at college and finally told me how he actually felt about me – and the rest is history!!

How They Asked

In September of 2021, we were back at the same camp we had met at for Family Camp, with both of our respective families. I was under the impression that we were getting dressed up to take family pictures. We went and took family pictures, and then he surprised me by taking me around the camp and recreating all of the photos we had taken less than two years ago together as counselors and friends! When that journey was coming to an end, he sat me down on the golf cart and told me he needed to blindfold me for the next stop. We drove for awhile, and then came to a stop. He took me by the elbow and walked me for what felt like forever. He had me stand exactly where he wanted me to, and then told me I could take my blindfold off. When I took it off, I saw my best friend (and also super talented photographer) standing some feet away taking photos, and then before I knew it, my fiancé was grabbing the ring and on one knee in front of me, saying the words “will you marry me?” It was the most beautiful day and moment, and one I will cherish forever!!

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Special Thanks

Alecca Synclair
 | Photographer