Megan and Kobie

How We Met

I knew his family first. I was friends with his cousins, Brandon and Brooklyn, through middle school and we became very close. One night while messaging Brandon he sent me a picture with his cousin they were visiting. I replied “he’s cute” and little did I know at the time but it was the beginning of our forever. We exchanged phone numbers and over the next 18 months became very close.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in His parents house

He had asked me to be his girlfriend multiple times, he is very persistent that’s for sure, and while I replied: “No, we can’t we live 15 minutes away and don’t even go to the same school how could that work”. He was always someone I knew I could go to and comfortably speak my mind on any topic. And then it happened, I don’t know how or why but on February 22, 2013, I finally agreed to be his girlfriend. Over the past several years we’ve grown together, supported each other and most importantly had so much fun together. We both knew marriage was in our future and while our families and I LOVED to tease him about engagement I knew I would wait forever for this man if I had to.

Megan and Kobie's Engagement in His parents house

Proposal Ideas His parents house

How They Asked

His 21st birthday was the day before and so we had arranged a party for him the following night. That day our original plan was to get Christmas photographs at a local tree farm but due to rain and nasty weather we decided to reschedule, little did I know this would throw off his whole plan. His parents were running around all morning to pick out a perfect fake tree to help his new plan stay on track. We spent the day decorating together and when we were all done I noticed everyone was in the room except Kobie and his dad. Kobie walks in straight towards me to give me a hug with this look in his eyes I just can’t explain.

He told me that the past seven years together have been unforgettable and that’s when the tears came, from myself, his mom, his sister and HIM it was so emotional and exciting. I was so excited and happy I couldn’t even stand I fell into his arms ugly cry and all. We’ve been celebrating ever since and planning our special day has been nothing but fun.