Megan and Kevin

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How We Met

Kevin and I met in high school in our Texas hometown. I had heard of him at school because he was the guy who had a Harry Potter themed letterman jacket and I LOVE all things Harry Potter. One day we were given the opportunity to meet and we exchanged a little small talk, and then went on our separate ways. The very next day we ran into each other in the hall, and that marked the beginning of a great friendship — that’s right, we were solely good friends for quite some time! One day, completely out of the blue, Kevin decided to ask me out on a date and got my response of, “Okay, but only as long as you can take my awkwardness.” I guess he liked it!

We dated through the rest of high school and college, both graduating from the same undergrad, Texas A&M University. He’s starting medical school this summer and I am in my first year of graduate school. He’s truly my best friend. We have the same favorite book series, same favorite music (we love you, Mumford & Sons and Taylor Swift), and same passion of bringing out the light in each other. We knew we wanted to take a trip before he started medical school and things got busy for both of us. We decided that Banff, Alberta in Canada was exactly the kind of trip we were looking for.

how they asked

On the first afternoon in Banff National Park, we were at the top of rock pile that overlooked one of the most gorgeous lakes I had ever dreamedt of. As we watched the sun begin to set, we decided to take picture together. We asked a nearby woman if she wouldn’t mind snapping a photo of us; little did I know she was a prearranged photographer!! We walked down away from the crowds and to a spot that was semi-private and overlooked the lake. After she took our picture, she turned to leave and Kevin asked to take my picture, only this time of me looking at the water with my back towards him.

After he took the picture I turned around and saw him kneeling on one knee, with a ring box in his hand! It completely took me off guard. I heard the click of a camera and I knew he had arranged for a photographer to document the whole thing. After he asked me to marry him, I of course said yes!!

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I went to thank the photographer who witnessed one of the greatest moments of my life, when she and Kevin explained that the surprise wasn’t over! They had planned surprise engagement session for me! They explained that they had been in contact for about 6 months prior to set the entire plan up and skyped several times. It felt so special to have someone I had never met working so hard to make the day wonderful for me.

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We headed back to the car so I could get some things to change and freshen up when Kevin gave me two bags; one from his mom and one from him. Inside the bag from his mom was a dreamy white dress and from Kevin was a pair of shoes I had been wanting. I felt like a true princess! We took engagement photos all around the lake. Our photographer, Justine, was wonderful. I don’t normally like attention on myself, but she made us feel so comfortable and at ease. Kevin told me that he had spent hours searching for the perfect photographer and he was absolutely sure Justine was the best in all of Canada. I have to agree. After finishing up at Lake Moraine we headed to Lake Louise where I changed into my new outfit and took even more engagement pictures. The whole afternoon was a complete dream out of a fairy-tale.

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I feel so lucky to have someone who cares enough about me to plan such a special day. I absolutely cannot wait to marry my now fiance, Kevin!

Special Thanks

Justine Russo
 | Justine Russo Photography