Megan and Kevin

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How We Met

Kevin and I met on April 17, 2014 when he began working at a marketing agency that I worked at. He is an art director and I am in account service. I was covering for a colleague who was on vacation and needed to chat with him about some last minute change requests we received from a client and had to finish before the holiday weekend. Walking down the hall he stepped out from his desk and I froze. There was something about the way he said hello and looked at me with a crooked grin. I’ll embarrassingly admit I began to sweat and got hives on my chest and neck as I stumbled through explaining the changes we needed. So not attractive and it happened for weeks to follow any time I had to work with him. We continued to cross paths as he gelled in with a work group that often gathered after hours for drinks or dinner. He joined the company soccer team, which I later learned was just to get my phone number, and coincidentally just a couple weeks after we met his sister Jenny was the photographer at an event I was working though I didn’t know it at the time. That Monday, he overheard me talking to a friend about my weekend and he asked a couple questions about the event to uncover that the cute vegetarian I had dinner next to was his sister. For the next couple months we texted often, went out of our way to spend time together and continued to learn more about each other.

As our work friend group started to discuss plans for the fourth of July I invited Kevin to join us at my parents cottage on Conesus Lake for the ring of fire and fireworks on the third. I mentioned my family has celebrated the holiday on that lake since I was little and I was still trying to find sparklers. He showed up to the cottage with my favorite wine and boxes of sparklers. Our holiday celebrations continued as he asked me to join him on the fourth for his family’s annual party. We’ve spent every holiday together since and I am not sure the ridiculous grin on my face has ever left.

how they asked

To celebrate our fourth anniversary on our staycation we booked a hot air balloon ride with High Hopes Balloon Co. over Conesus Lake, NY and asked Kevin’s sister Jenny if she wouldn’t mind taking photographs. As a wedding and family photographer, she has taken many beautiful photos of us over the years so asking her to tag along and capture a few photos for this was no different. Leading up to the bucket list adventure we watched Disney’s Up and talked about all the adventures we would promise to take before we were an old married couple.

When the balloon was inflating we had a short period of time to snap all the photos we wanted before climbing in the basket. Jenny pretended to adjust Kevin’s collar and slipped him the ring box as we stood back-to-back. When she asked us to look over our shoulders at each other he took a step back and got down on one knee. ‘Every day with you is an adventure…’, is how he began and I instantly had tears streaming down my face. It was a whirlwind as we took photos inside and around the balloon. As the balloon lifted at the top of the lake some of my family members, including my sister’s families who live out of state, watched from my parent’s dock at the same spot where we had our first date. After an hour ride as my dream moment started to soak in, we landed in an alfalfa field in a neighboring town and enjoyed a bottle of Veuve Clicquot, fruit, cheese and crackers with the crew. We returned to the cottage just in time to watch the ring of fire and fireworks on the dock. Celebrations continued the next morning when we gathered with all of our immediate family members for a brunch.

For years I had dreamed of the quiet moment at home with our dog when he’d ask me to be his wife but thought he was still saving and had not yet began to look. I could not have asked for a more unique and sentimental moment as our next adventure begins. It meant the world to have his sister there and our families in town to celebrate with us. I am so honored and beyond excited to be the Future Mrs. Kevin Berliner.

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Special Thanks

Jenny Berliner
 | Photographer
High Hopes Balloon Co.
 | Provided hot air balloon