Megan and Kevin

Image 1 of Megan and Kevin

Kev and I have been heads of heels for each other since day one. Our relationship moved so fast at the beginning I would have never pictured us here three and a half years later, but I’m sure glad this is where we are now.

It was Christmas Day but for us it is just any other day cause we don’t tend to do gifts as we invest our money saved from doing holidays into our house and traveling. After opening gifts from other family members we were all sitting around relaxing. Everyone was gathering around eating food and just doing typical family things. All of a sudden Kevin had said, “Actually, I did get a gift for Megan this year.” I remember his mom saying about time you cheapo’s, you know you only live once you two. Kevin then proceeded to ask me to come towards him, then to come even closer. He then dropped to one knee and said, Megan Marie, I love you to the moon and back, will you marry myself, Oden and Maddix. (Maddix and Oden are our dogs. Maddix we have had together since the beginning before we adopted Oden.) I instantly started to cry and said “ya”. He then says, “Well, Maddix where are we hiding it?” He then pulled the most beautiful ring I had ever seen out of our dog’s collar. We instantly hugged and kissed. The whole family was watching, shouting with excitement and crying. It was a day to remember, it may not be extravagant to most people but for me it was a real proposal in the most meaningful way in front of his family and with our dogs right there. Simple with pure love!

Image 2 of Megan and Kevin