Megan and Kevin

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Cliffs of Moher, Ireland

How We Met

It was my final semester in college and I was enjoying life not looking for any type of relationship. That was until my sister called saying that the guy she was newly dating had a friend that she wanted to introduce me to. I thought initially no, I don’t want to date anyone right now, but after some heavy buttering up on her behalf I caved and decided to go and at least give it a shot. As I start to get ready my roommates begin asking me all about this new guy, but I realize I had absolutely nothing to relay, not even a name. At this point my over-analytical brain starts to go into overdrive. After about 3 downward spirals of all the things that could go wrong with this blind date I was ready and on my way to meet with my sister, to be introduced to the mystery man. Once I arrived, I realized how nervous I truly was, but put a smile on and went into her apartment. It wasn’t until I got into the apartment that I realized this was not only a blind date but a blind double date and I was meeting the guy my sister was dating for the first time. I remember her introducing me to her now boyfriend who seemed nice and a good guy, but when I was introduced to Kevin, my mystery man, al my nerves and anxious feelings drifted away and were replaced with instant butterflies and a giddy smile that wouldn’t leave my face. Thank goodness for my sister being there otherwise the evening could have been about 10x more awkward, but it was just the opposite. Kevin was funny, kind, a true gentleman and handsome beyond compare. AS our relationship evolved I look back and think that Kevin came into my life not when I wanted it most, but when I needed it!

how they asked

Kevin and I had been offered to go on a company sponsored trip to Ireland and immediately jumped on it. the more people I told about the trip the more of my friends and family kept telling me that he’s defiantly going to propose. With hopes like any girl I fluttered at the idea, but didn’t want to get too carried away. As the trip got closer and closer the thought became more present in my mind, of “what if he does propose?” Once we arrived in Ireland we saw gorgeous architecture and beautiful monuments. Once of the planned day trips was to the cliffs of Mohr. Unfortunately, out of our week long stay in Ireland, this was the worst weather day. It was windy, cold and kept raining off and on. So the thought that anything could happen today, was completely off my radar. We walked the beautiful cliffs and took in the truly magical scenery that the cliffs gave us, as we walked back down and headed toward the other side of the cliffs, I stopped to take a picture, while trying to fiddle with my phone I hear Kevin saying my name. I turned to him and saw he was down on one knee. I found my self suddenly shaking and in complete disbelief that this was happening. Kevin told me how much he loved me and couldn’t imagine spending his life with anyone else, and then asked me to marry him. I didn’t know what he said until I saw the video taken by his boss afterward, because of my true shock. I look back on the trip in Ireland, and how we enjoyed delicious dinners, views and one too many pints, but it will always be most memorable because on those rainy cliffs I had the best day of my life.

Proposal Ideas Cliffs of Moher, Ireland