Megan and Kelvin

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how we met

We met in sunny Arizona in 2010 after we both moved from our Midwest hometowns for jobs and adventure. After moving to Arizona, Kelvin and I had made a big group of friends who were all predominately from the Midwest and that is how we were initially introduced. We still have that same core friend group even though some have come and gone in the last 7 years. We are both very passionate about our rescue dogs and we consider them our family. Being from the Midwest we both attended big ten schools. Kelvin went to University of Iowa and I went to Michigan State. We have had many household rivalries, and I am happy to report that Michigan State is up in wins over Iowa.

Kelvin swept me off of my feet after offering to buy me a cocktail at our favorite watering hole. As fate would have it, that same night I lost my cell phone. This seemed to leave no option for further communication between us, but that didn’t stop Kelvin. Smitten and determined, he sent me “smoke signals”, better known as Facebook messages, and arranged our first date to an Arizona Cardinals football game. After that as they say, the rest is history! Now after a few job changes, two dogs, countless Big Ten filled Saturdays, the purchase of our first home, and seven years later we have planned to finally tie the knot! we that after attending 35+ weddings over the last couple of years, we are now more than prepared to have our own!

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how they asked

The proposal took place on our trip to the Grand Canyon. It only took Kelvin seven years! To make it to the Grand Canyon that is… Kelvin had arranged for a helicopter tour. You may assume that I had to know something was up for Kelvin to plan such an extravagant outing. On the contrary, I had purchased the helicopter tour a year earlier under Kelvin’s name at a silent auction benefiting the Arizona Humane Society. Kelvin was less than thrilled with the big-ticket purchase, and after seeing that the voucher was about to expire, he planned the excursion. To top it all off, we made a pit stop at a gas station on the way up…

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While in the restroom, Kelvin decided he should stretch out to prepare for his upcoming big moment and in the process split his pants. He ended up having to by a pair of sweatpants for the convenient store to continue their trip. Following the helicopter ride, we drove into the park to get another look at one of the wonders of the world. As a family took their picture in front of the majestic backdrop, Kelvin dropped to one knee in his gas station sweat pants, tears in his eyes and asked me to marry him.

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My favorite part about our engagement was the fact that Kelvin proposed in gas station sweat pants. That is something he would say would happen to him. He has very little patience for life sometimes, which is why I think we work so well together because I have extra patience being an elementary teacher. I think the sweatpants are something that we can look back at and laugh about (I already do!)

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