Megan and KC

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How We Met

Megan doesn’t remember this but the first time we really met was when Megan was still a student-athlete at the University of Arkansas. At the time, I (KC) was a graduate assistant and co-chair of the Spring Graduation Ceremony for the athletes. Megan wasn’t able to attend the actual ceremony because of a softball game so she came into the office a couple of days later looking for her Athlete stole so she could take graduation pictures with it. As co-chairs of the ceremony, my best friend and I slightly freaked out because we had misplaced it and Megan was one of the Director’s favorite athletes. Luckily, we found it the following week but this moment set the stage for my best friend and I to think Megan was going to be a major kiss-a*s when her graduate assistantship began the following month. Truth be told, we were already feeling some type of way about her because she would be filling the GA position that one of our close friends had previously held. I’m embarrassed to admit we had an unspoken agreement to not like her.

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How They Asked

KC has recently gotten into photography and used this interest to lure me to downtown Austin at sunset. KC spent what felt like hours setting up the camera to have the perfect settings but when I saw KC sneak the GoPro under the camera at the last second, I felt something was up. KC then walked over to me and honestly, both of us seemed to blackout. KC said something about having the “perfect shot” in mind but needed my help.

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Initially, I was skeptical because I wasn’t sure what this entailed but then they said “I just need you to say yes…” Next, KC pulled out a red box and I said “Are you effing serious?” Several times throughout the years, KC has joked with me about proposing so I followed up with “I’m not saying anything until I see what’s in the box” because I was afraid it was going to be earrings. Then KC got down on one knee, asked me to marry them and I enthusiastically said yes!

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Special Thanks

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