Megan and Justin


How We Met: I suppose the first time we were in the same room together would have been the first day that the two of us were in the same daycare nursery as newborns. The first time I actually remember Justin was on the first day of sixth grade, when I walked into the classroom and noticed a boy with blonde hair and bright blue eyes sitting three desks in front of me. We both went to a small, private Christian school, so for the next seven years through middle and high school, we had almost every class together and spent every day with each other. It wasn’t until the first day of junior year that I started to see Justin differently. He was taller, stronger, and no longer looked like the little boy I considered my goofy best friend. That year, Justin asked me to be his date to the Homecoming dance and that was the night that we shared our first kiss. As we graduated and started college at two separate schools, our love for each other only continued to grow. I always say that I’ve known Justin was “the one” since I was 16 years old, and it’s true! I’ve never met someone who can make me laugh like he can, and I’ve never once imagined the rest of my life without him in it.

how they asked: One of our favorite things to do together has always been traveling. My first trip with Justin was a year after we started dating when his parents invited me on their family reunion Caribbean cruise. Since then, we’ve been on countless beach vacations, to the Midwest to visit my family, and all across the East Coast. For our five year anniversary, we knew we wanted to do something really special. So months before, we started planning a trip to visit my grandmother for Christmas in Germany. My dad and sisters have always wanted to make this dream happen, and it was just a bonus that Justin was able to come along. A few stops on our European vacation would include Rome, Italy; London, England; and Neuschwanstein Castle in Bavaria, Germany… the real life fairytale castle that Walt Disney himself based the design of Cinderella’s castle off of.

On December 17th, 2014, we flew out of D.C. via Iceland Air only to get stuck in Reykjavik due to a massive snowstorm (apparently those are pretty common in Iceland during the winter). We actually missed our scheduled bus tour to the castle the next day, and it ended up taking us almost 48 hours to get to Germany.


We spent Justin’s birthday (the day we were supposed to be exploring the beautiful castle) in the Paris airport for 10 hours. He was such a good sport about the whole thing, even though I had no clue that his proposal plans were almost ruined!

Thankfully, we were able to rent a car and drive ourselves to the castle when we finally arrived in Munich. We pulled up at the base of the mountain and I couldn’t believe I was finally seeing the real Cinderella’s castle in person.


We bought our tickets, hiked up the mountain, and found a good picture spot to take a quick photo. Justin handed one sister my camera and my other sister his GoPro. As soon as I smiled for the picture, Justin told me to “look at that waterfall over there…” and by the time I had turned back around to look at him, he was down on one knee asking, “Will you marry me?”



It was the fairytale proposal I had always dreamed of. After 5 years together, it was so perfect. My love for Germany, for traveling, and for Justin were all wrapped up in one moment, and it couldn’t have been any more magical. I can’t wait to marry my best friend!


Photos by Megan Kelsey Photography