Megan and Justin

how we met

We met 5.5 years ago at Carolina Ale House in Uptown Charlotte, NC on a double date/blind date set up through our mutual friends. Justin was late but our friends were quick to say he’s always late and operates on “Just-in-time!” We didn’t exchange phone numbers that night, but we met again at a Halloween Party. The rest is history.

how they asked

We decided to see Megan’s family for Easter. All of us had been quarantined due to COVID-19. Justin already had the ring and was trying to figure out a time and place that was ideal to propose. He had no idea when he was going to propose until the week of Easter. When he decided it was going to happen (YAY!!!) he told Megan’s parents his plan for the engagement. Justin proposed during an Easter egg hunt under Megan’s family tree. Easter egg hunts are a family tradition, so Justin and her mom were confident she wouldn’t question anything. The ring was hidden by Megan’s mom earlier that morning. He also arranged a photographer, who was hiding in the bushes, to capture the perfect moment.

Special Thanks