Megan and Justin

How We Met

Justin and I met 10 years ago at my 15th birthday party, freshman year of High School. A good friend of mine asked if he could bring a friend and sure enough in walks Justin; I immediately turned to my friends and said: “I call the tall one”. We spent the whole night not speaking one word to each other as he played basketball with the guys and my brother. Later that night I said goodbye to everyone and minutes later my phone buzzed with a text from Justin.

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We talked non stop for one week and the next weekend he came over and asked me to be his girlfriend. (Yes we only knew each other for one week before we started dating and two weeks later he told me he loved me) Shout out to our Mom’s who would take turns dropping us off at each other’s houses as we began our relationship since neither of us could drive yet. We have been together ever since that first day we met at my 15th birthday party!

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Each year since we started dating we have gone to California to celebrate our anniversary. We always pick one night of our trip to go to the beach to celebrate. This year was our 10 year anniversary and we had planned to do the same as we always had done every year before. Justin had told me we were still doing our beach tradition but he made us a reservation at a restaurant by the beach so I was to get dressed up for dinner. We showed up at the beach and made our way to a spot where we put down our blanket. Justin told me to stand up so he could take my picture. Oblivious I stood up and smiled, he then asked to go take one at the water. We walked down to the water where I posed again for his picture.

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He then took my hand and dropped to his knee. I immediately started shaking and burst into tears. He told me he has loved me for 10 years and wanted to continue to love me for the rest of his life. Immediately after the photographer came over who had been capturing our perfect moment for us (he was pretending to take pictures of other people at the beach so I had no clue). Little did I know my future brother-in-law and Justin’s Uncle were also there filming the whole thing. We then went to the dinner Justin had planned for us. As I walked in I heard a roar of screaming and saw both of our families who had driven from California and Arizona to surprise me! We spent the whole night celebrating what was one of the best days of our lives!

After 10 years of dating, we are so incredibly lucky to continue our love story. We are so excited to spend forever together!

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