Megan and Josh


How We Met

Josh and I met at the Jigger shop in July of 2011, where he was working as a bus boy and I was there with my family. I initially noticed him because of height, and then of course I thought he was extremely handsome. I was 17 and felt so giddy but also didn’t think anything would come of it. My grandparents were there also, and my Nan said “Megan, you should leave your number for that cute bus boy you keep looking at”. I of course said no, and thought of how embarrassing that would be, and that he probably has a girlfriend..because there’s no way a guy like him isn’t taken.


Then my sisters got involved and started encouraging me to leave my number as well saying, “you’ll never see him again”, “you’ve got nothing to lose”. So, I left my name and number on a napkin that said “for the REALLY tall, cute bus boy”. I practically ran out of there I was so embarrassed. I was waiting for my family by the car and apparently another busser picked up the note. My sister Melissa rewrote one and personally handed it to Josh. Needless to say I was mortified waiting for her in the parking lot.


I didn’t hear anything from him until September when he found me on Facebook. He remembered my name and contacted me. We started talking, had our first date in October. Starting dating in December, and here we are almost five years later… engaged at the same place we laid eyes on each other.


how they asked

I’m a nurse, and had just got off of work at 8:30 in the morning after a 12 hour shift. I drove to Josh’s house to sleep for a few hours, as we had plans to go out with our friends for Halloween that night. Living 45 mins away from each other, we’re always planning ahead. He had told me when I wake up, he’d like to take me out to lunch. I thought nothing of it as we both have been so busy lately, and haven’t had much time just the two of us. When I woke up he told me that we’d be meeting a couple people for lunch that we haven’t seen in a while, and that we should leave in about an hour. When I asked “who?” He said, “you’ll see”.

I don’t ask many questions when he says things like this as I love surprises, and could tell he was trying to surprise me with whom we’d be meeting up with. I got my shower, and dressed and we started driving. He told me we’d be meeting them at the pizzeria by the Jigger Shop (the ice cream parlor where Josh and I met). He then starting talking about how nice it is to go back to the place he used to work, and where we first met. We haven’t been there in a few years and it brought back a lot of memories. When we got to the pizzeria Josh explained that the two people wouldn’t be making it in time for lunch, but after we eat they would be able to make it to the park near by. We finished up and walked over to the park, and he said they would be there in about 10 mins, and in the mean time, he’s curious what the shop looks like since it’s the off season and it’s closed this time of year.

We started walking and decided to sit by a bench facing the parking lot, beside the patio where I first laid eyes on him 5 years ago. Next thing I know he points towards the lot and says I see them pulling in. I excitedly stand up as I love surprises and was curious who I’d be seeing. Immediately after we stood up and took a few steps he turned around in front of me and got down on his knee.


I immediately burst into tears, this is the moment I’ve dreamt of.


He started by saying “The real reason I brought you here..” and needless to say the people we were “supposed” to be meeting never came and it was all a way to get me to the place where our love story began.