Megan and Joseph

How We Met

Joe and I went to the same high school in Brooklyn, New York and we thought little of each other. He was the class clown who always had me laughing. It wasn’t until our junior year that a strong friendship began. After not to long Joe asked me out on several dates. We did the typical, movies, ice cream, dinners and long night phone calls. Finally, one day Joe asked me to go see Employee of the Month at the movies. During the movie on the October 20th, 2016 Joe asked that I be his girlfriend. We had a strong relationship and loved each other, however, like normal high school loves there were bumps and hard times in the road but our hearts lead back to each other every single time. Joe and I have been together collectively 10 years.

how they asked

Joe and I were on a vacation in Aruba on August 14, 2017. Joe had decided to make a reservation to go off the resort for dinner. Joe heard great things about a restaurant, The Flying Fishbone, and he said we needed to try it, especially since I just started eating fish not too long ago. So we took a pretty silent 40 minute cab ride to the restaurant which I thought nothing of because I was so tired from being in the sun all day. However, Joe was quiet for a totally different reason. He had my ring in his pocket and was a nervous wreck. He as well as both of our families knew of this day and I know for Joe it was the hardest secret to keep considering anything he knows I’ll love he has to tell me pretty much instantly. When we arrived we were brought through a tunnel which led to the water, it was beautiful.

Some tables were in the water while others were on the sand. I was in wedges, wedges and sand is not a good combo so I carefully followed behind Joe who was following the hostess. He led us a corner table right off the water with the beautiful sun getting ready to set. Joe looked as if he was going to pull out his chair to sit, so I too did the same. I turned around to first place my bag down, get myself situated and just have a relaxing romantic dinner. Before I could even put my bag fully down Joe said “Meg, I need to ask you a question.” I turned around thinking Joe would ask if his sneakers still looked good because he’s a such a sneaker head, and god forbid his sneakers got sand on them. But I was very much mistaken. When I turned around, Joe was down on one knee with my ring in his hand, he asked me to marry him!

Marriage Proposal Ideas in THE FLYING FISH BONE, ARUBA

Out of no where a photographer popped up from a near by table and started snapping pictures of this surprise proposal. I was so overjoyed, the man of my dreams had finally asked me to spend the rest of my life with him. Of course I said yes! But it did not end there! Within seconds after saying yes both of our families burst out onto the sand. I had no idea they were coming to Aruba. They had all flown down the day after we arrived and were in hiding in the hotel all day. During Joes amazing proposal, our families were packed into the waiting restroom area until they were given the go ahead to come out and celebrate, or for my younger sister bombard us. When they did so I was beyond ecstatic. Joe had spent months planning and executing my dream proposal.


The night continued with champagne toasting to Joe and myself, the two families coming together, and of course good food. Not only did a photographer, Dwight Jimenez, capture the proposal he provided us with an engagement photoshoot but he also caught every single ugly crying face photo one could image. All of this will be a night I will never forget and never get tired of speaking about. #MoShitSheSaidYes #MoWayAmIGoingLuBack #JoeAndMegMoIsAGo

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