Megan and Joseph

Image 1 of Megan and Joseph

How We Met

He messaged me on Facebook. We started talking back and forth for about a month when he asked to hangout and meet in person. I turned him down 3 times! We still kept talking and then a few weeks later I asked if he wanted to meet for drinks. We met up at a boba tea spot in Modesto. Our date lasted 6 hours!

How They Asked

We decided to go to Pinecrest and brought his cousin’s dog, Filmore, with us. It being November and it being really cold up in Pinecrest I kept wanting to go back to the car, & he kept saying “let’s keep going and at least see what’s up at the top.” So we kept walking but finally made it to the top. While there I said “let’s take pictures!” That’s when he said “wait” & then I turned around. That’s when he got down in his knee & asked me. Then as if that day couldn’t get any better, it started snowing!