Megan and Jordan

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How We Met

Our story begins with when we met through mutual friends in Traverse City, MI in the Spring of 2014. We began bonding through our mutual passion for hiking, exploring, going to the beach, and a general love of the outdoors and adventuring. We grew closer through these experiences and began “officially” dating in September of 2014.

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We continued to spend the majority of our time adventuring in Northern MI, with a special love for the Pictured Rocks area in the UP. We became even more adventurous in the years to come, often doing activities such as sky diving and white water rafting for birthdays and anniversaries. We also have spent a great deal of time enjoying the company of friends and family. We love to go camping, boating, paddleboarding, hiking, and to the wineries with our amazing group of friends in Northern MI and always try to take opportunities to see our friends from out-of-town as often as possible. We adore our families and the quality time that we get to spend with them for holidays, dinners, tailgates, trips, and much more.

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Speaking of trips, we would love to share our astounding engagement story with all of you…

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how they asked

Megan had flown to New York City with her mother, Tam, for what she thought was a girls trip to see Ellie’s (her little sister and maid of honor’s) senior dance recitals at PACE University. The girls spent a few days in NYC together, with Megan unknowing of what was to come of course. On Saturday they went shopping before they needed to return for the final recital of the weekend. Megan couldn’t understand why her mother wouldn’t let her go back to the hotel to drop her heavy bags off, but was easily distracted and convinced into going to drink wine at the bar instead. The truth was that Jordan, among close friends and family, was checking into their hotel during that time for the planned proposal in the evening.

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After the recital the girls headed down to Zuccotti Park, where there was an array of lit Christmas trees, to “take pictures of the dancers after their last show.” As the girls came closer to the park the rest of the group started to hang back, unbeknownst to a slightly wine-filled Megan. Once they reached the park Jordan came out from around the largest Christmas tree – which was obviously a huge surprise as he had just told Megan he was in MI a few hours ago! It took her a few minutes to realize that it was truly him in this city thousands of miles away from where he supposedly was. At that moment, she knew. After exclaiming “What are you doing here?!” “I can’t believe you’re really here!” and “Oh my God this is happening!”; Jordan was able to break away from her grasp and get down on one knee to propose.

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It wasn’t until after she said yes that she realized his parents, her father, her brother, and 4 of their best friends had also come out from behind the trees. In fact, they had all coordinated this entire trip to travel to New York to be there for this magical moment in their relationship. A girl pictures how her proposal will happen when she’s young, but this incredible gesture shown by the entire group was more spectacular than anyone could ever try to dream.

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We continued on to celebrate with wonderful food, drinks, company, and adventures in New York City for a couple of days. We look forward to a lifetime of these wonderful memories together.

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