Megan and Jonathan

How We Met

We actually met doing the musical West Side Story at Valley Youth Theater in Phoenix. He was cast as Bernardo and I was Anita, so we had to share an on stage romance. The more rehearsals I had with him, the more I realized how quickly I was falling not just for his character, but for him! His personality, his chivalry, his stubbornness, his talent, his care; everything he showed off stage and on made me want to continue our relationship after the show had ended.

Proposal Ideas Phoenix Theatre

One of my favorite parts about working with him was, after every show the leads would take a special stairway to the lobby so we could descend the main steps into the crowd waiting for us, and Jonny would hold my hand while we walked through the stairwell to the lobby without fail. As cheesy as it sounds, it was definitely the little things that made me think he felt the same for me. We continued to hang out together after the show ended and he brought me with for a few more auditions to work together again, and on September 21, 2015 Jonny set up tealights and flowers and very sweetly asked me to be his girlfriend. From there, we went on a few different adventures, each as amazing as the last, and then our relationship was tested.

Megan's Proposal in Phoenix Theatre

Jonny was offered a contract to work on a cruise ship as a performer only about 6 months into our relationship. He sang to me at rehearsal for our first Valentine’s Day (this is relevant to his proposal!) a song called “Seven Wonders”. This song is about travelling the world, but knowing that home is where your loved one is. At this point, only I knew about his contract, so I was sobbing thinking about him leaving for so long. We made it through with some scars, but those fights along the way only made our relationship so much stronger.

how they asked

Jonny was persevering in his theatre career while I had to pull away to focus on graduating college, so I got to go and just play the supporting girlfriend for his shows and I was so happy to. He had just finished a run of the musical In The Heights at Phoenix Theatre and, at the end of that show, I was able to help in the proposal for the lead actress. January 1st comes around and he is now finishing up his second show with the same theatre, Billy Elliott. I and both of our families were there to support Jonny, and at the conclusion of their closing performance we were all waiting in the lobby for him to come out so we could congratulate him.

Two of our good friends from the show came out and grabbed me, telling me that there was a surprise waiting for someone in the theatre and I got so excited at the thought of another proposal, not knowing at all that it was for me! We walked into the theatre house, and they directed me to the center of house where Jonny’s laptop was waiting for me with headphones and a note that said “press play”. I watched a beautiful video he had compiled of our close friends and family telling us what our relationship means to them, and at the end of the video I watched Jonny tell me to look up at the stage.

At this point I was already tearing up, and to see him standing there in a full suit with a microphone made me lose the little amount of control I had and I was fully crying. He began to sing the same song he had sang to me our very first Valentine’s Day, “Seven Wonders”, and our family and friends filed into the house to hand me red roses, one by one. They had all been hiding around the corner of the theatre lobby, so I had no idea how many people were actually there!

By the end of his song, his parents handed me their roses and my parents waited for me at the end of my row with their roses to lead me up to the stage. Jonny pulled me to center stage, and told me how much I meant to him and how he couldn’t wait for our future together (a lot more romantically than that, I promise) and he got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife!

Special Thanks

Phoenix Theatre
They allowed Jonny to use the stage to propose!