Megan and Jonathan

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How We Met

Four and a half years ago, my fiancee Jon and I met in Portsmouth, NH on a beach volleyball court. Being new to the area, my then-roommate had been doing his best to show me around and introduce me to all of his friends. That first summer included weekly Sunday pickup beach volleyball games in town, and sometime in June, Jon showed up. I remember thinking how cute he was in his salmon-colored shirt and aviators and how impressed I was with his volleyball skills.

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Our relationship took off quickly from there, and Jon, I, and my original roommate lived together in Portsmouth for the next three years. Last year, Jon and I moved to Massachusetts to start new careers, and when I came home from an overseas work trip at the end of October, Jon was adamant about getting away for the weekend to Portland Maine, a place that we had gone on our first vacation together.

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how they asked

On our way to Portland, we stopped in Portsmouth to have lunch at our old stomping grounds and to walk around and check out how the city had changed since we have last left there over a year ago. We ended up at the Gardens at Prescott Park, which had been a place that we had frequented when we had lived just over a tenth of a mile towards town from that exact spot. We sat there for a few minutes while we reminisced about the place we used to live and all of the great times we had together and then Jon did a slow pivot onto his knee.

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Once I realized what was happening, I was overwhelmed with emotion. In what I thought but was an elaborate attempt to take me to Maine and propose to me, I had overlooked the small detail that he had planned out in taking me back to the place where our story had started. I cannot wait to spend the rest of my life with a person who surprises me every day and loves me unconditionally.

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