Megan and Jeffery

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How We Met

Jeffery and I officially met, had our first date and our first kiss all on the same day back in 2010 and have been together ever since. We knew of each other back in high school but didn’t start talking (via Facebook) until about a year and a half after he graduated (I’m a year behind him). We passed by each other at the mall once, about a week or so before our first date, but that just consisted of Jeffery smiling and saying “hi” as I nervously giggled and continued walking past him. I know, I’m soooo awkward… but it’s okay because apparently I wasn’t awkward enough. I mean we’re here, aren’t we? ;)

how they asked

Jeffery and I are huge fans of the band Brand New, so when we heard that they were performing at the Chelsea at the Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas we were more than willing to make the 6 hour drive. Jeffery insisted on booking our hotel which was SO out of character for him (because I ALWAYS book and plan our trips). I thought maybe this was a first step to get me in the habit of surprises, so that someday when he proposed I wouldn’t see it coming. Well, I was wrong, and I did not see it coming.

The night before we left, we helped each other pack and when I showed him what I had planned on wearing to the concert he objected. I was so confused, Jeffery NEVER tells me what to wear. But I will forever be grateful that he didn’t let me wear overalls on the night of our engagement. He also told me that the “real reason” he wanted to book the hotel was because he had planned to surprise me with a room at the Cosmopolitan (I’ve ALWAYS wanted to stay there) but that it was out of our price range for the night. Instead, he told me he had booked us a room at the Bellagio and even showed me (what I thought was) a receipt.

The next day was perfect. Literally perfection.

Our six hour drive down to Las Vegas was fun and flew by pretty fast. Once we got to Vegas I googled how to get to the Bellagio parking garage. It was pretty confusing and we ended up at valet parking instead.

Me: “Just pull into valet, I can’t figure out where the parking is.”
Jeffery: “Just google it again. And while you’re at it, look up how to get to the Cosmopolitan.”
Me: “Why? We aren’t even staying there.”
Jeffery: “Just do it.”

By the time we parked, unloaded our stuff and got to the front desk I was STILL confused and in disbelief. While checking in, the employee at the front desk asked if there was a special occasion for such a big room. Jeffery calmly replied, “we’re here for Brand New’s show tonight”.

Such a big room? SUCH A BIG ROOM?! WHAT DOES THAT MEAN?! We were at the Cosmopolitan and Jeffery booked us “such a big room”?! No… he booked us A CORNER SUITE.

I was dying.

His response? “I got a great deal on it!” and, “I didn’t realize it was a corner suite when I booked it!” At this point I thought this was the highlight of the day.


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Once we toured our small house on the 50th floor, while looking over The Strip from our balconies, Jeffery pointed out the Eiffel Tower Restaurant at the Paris Hotel and innocently asked, “what’s that?”. I told him what it was and he suggested we see if we could eat there. I’ve ALWAYS wanted to, so of course I say yes!

When we get to the entrance of the restaurant, one of the employees asks us if we have a reservation as she shows us to the elevator, Jeffery tells her yes and up we go. I nervously turned to him and said, “we don’t have reservations”, thinking he misunderstood her. He smiles real big and casually says, “yeah we do”.

Then, after realizing this was another surprise, I started getting nervous. What if he was going to propose to me here at dinner?! Why else would he take me somewhere that cost $30 a plate?! My heart started pounding and I told him I was feeling VERY anxious. He relaxed, sitting back in his chair and told me that I could calm down knowing that this was all the surprises he had in store. He seemed so genuinely calm, so I believed him and dinner was amazing.

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Brand New played an amazing set and the crowd was feelin’ in. One girl a few rows behind us was feeling it so much that she got pretty dang drunk. So when the lead singer started off their song ‘Play Crack The Sky’ with, “this is for Jeff and Megan” all I heard was “Play Crack The Sky!!!” in an eager and inebriated tone from behind me.

Yes, you read that right, BRAND NEW WAS IN ON THE WHOLE THING. The band we drove out of state to see perform was in on our engagement.

How. Freakin. Cool.

During the entire song, out of the corner of my eye, I could see Jeffery just staring at me. I got crazy butterflies in my stomach but had no idea why. After all, I had no idea the song was dedicated to us.

I waited for the last half of the song to take a SnapChat that would’ve said something like, “the song Jeffery played for me on our first date”, but Jeffery interrupted me with a handwritten note. I read it thinking, “oh my gosh, this is so sweet!” As I went to close it and tell him thank you, he got down on one knee and I was like a deer in the headlights

I was SO not prepared.

My reaction?

Tears. And not just cute, little tears…

I straight-up Kim Kardashian ugly cried my face off.

I had to cover my face because I didn’t want him to see me look so unattractive. I honestly don’t even remember saying yes, but according to the video I did (thank goodness). After saying yes, we immediately walked out to the hallway so I could dry my face. From the moment he got down on one knee until we left the room everyone in our section was clapping and cheering for us. It was like something from a movie. It was a perfect representation of how I felt in that moment.

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I didn’t even acknowledge the ring until about five minutes later (once I was able to compose myself). Upon looking down at it, I remember saying “OH MY GOSH, JEFFERY!” while leaning away from my hand and crying some more. It’s exactly what I wanted. It’s so beautiful, simple and timeless. A perfect representation of our relationship.

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