Megan and Jason

Megan and Jason's Engagement in Lake Red Rock

How We Met

Jason had always been a fan of motorsports. When his family moved to Iowa, he came home from deployment to find they were only 20 minutes from Eddyville Raceway Park. He soon found himself on a drag bike but with no idea what he was doing. My dad saw someone who needed advice and took him under his wing.

My grandpa and dad had raced at Eddyville for years. When I turned 16 and got my license, I soon joined them. We became the only 3 generation team at our track. There is something about drag racing that is hard to find anywhere else in life. It’s like an electric current of adrenaline running through your veins that shocks you into action when the light goes green.

Jason and I knew each other from the track and talked every once in a while but I don’t think anyone saw us as more than friends; ourselves included. While I was in college, I had a steady boyfriend. Jason was never a big fan and thought he wasn’t good enough. I like to tease him now that it’s because he was jealous. After my break up, I started catching up with people I’d lost touch with over the course of that relationship and found myself wondering what Jason was up to. After coming home from his second deployment in the Army, he had lost several good friends, he was hurt and broken, and he needed a friend. So, like my dad had done many years earlier, I took him under my wing. What blossomed from that now sends a new electric current of adrenaline and love running through my veins much like that of drag racing.

how they asked

After many failed attempts (plans to go to Mexico with friends that fell through, a childish person telling me about, and then SHOWING me the ring, and then an accidental group message) I had started to give up hope that an engagement was in my future plans.

We left Indiana and headed back home to Iowa to attend the wedding of one of my friends from high school. I had mentioned to my family months before that we should get family pictures taken while we were home and the plans had been made for Saturday morning before the wedding. The whole way home, Jason was acting weird and kept saying stuff that didn’t make sense like, “please don’t hold my hand like that, it’s uncomfortable”. I’m pretty sure I’ve been holding his hand in the car the same way for the past two years but I shrugged it off. When we got to Iowa, he kept disappearing every time we went to meet up with friends but again, I shrugged it off.

Finally Saturday morning, my sister (who coordinated everyone’s outfits) didn’t even seem that excited to spend family time together (which we crave now that we live 9 hours apart) and opted to ride with her boyfriend to the lake where we were taking pictures.

We took all the family photos, some with the boyfriends, and some without. Then our photographer broke it down into couples. My sister went first, followed by my mom and step-dad. Finally it was our turn. We took a few photos and Jason asked me to turn around. I was confused because why would I face the water for our pictures but staring out into the waves, a sense of calming serenity washed over me. I turned back around quickly. Jason was knelt down on the rocks, my ring shining bright in his hand under the sun. He was nervous, but calmly said, “We are a team. We have always been a team. No matter what happens in my life, I want it to happen with you as my side, with you as my crew chief. Megan Nicole DeMoss, will you marry me?”

Fighting back tears, I eagerly accepted and squeezed him in a hug. The best part, it was all captured by the photographer!

Everyone. Knew. Everyone but me had known about Jason’s plans since I first mentioned family photos in a group chat to my family. My sister had told the photographer beforehand so we were able to have a mini engagement session! We finished up pictures and had a mini family celebration at a local diner. Between tears and bacon, it was a day that was hard to beat!

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Megan's Proposal in Lake Red Rock

Special Thanks

Morgan Wallace
 | Photographer