Megan and James


How We Met: James and I met through mutual friends when we both lived in Minneapolis, but we didn’t start talking until a year later after we reconnected at a friend’s wedding. At that time, I had already been transferred to Florida for work, and he knew he needed to go BIG if he wanted something to happen between us. So, that’s just what happened! After talking on the phone for weeks, we met up at his grandfather’s farm in Kentucky for our first real date. It was very Nicolas Sparks-esque.. fishing, fireflies, and (internal) fireworks. From that date forward the relationship grew and the adventures continued…

how they asked: After dating long distance for about a year, James was eager to propose. He had a work conference in northern California and had invited me to join for the weekend. I arrived late Thursday night, and the first thing Friday morning we drove up to Muir Woods to take in the scenery and beat the crowds. James proposed on a bridge within the National Monument early in the morning. Tears followed, but only after he let on that there had never been a work conference. He was just determined to get “the most beautiful girl he knew to the most beautiful place” in order to make it official. Looking forward to the upcoming wedding and living in the same place again!





Photos by Meredith Brunson