Super Bowl Comercial Marriage Proposal

In honor of the big game, here’s a very clever Super Bowl comercial marriage proposal!

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How We Met: James and I met February 6th 2011 at a super bowl party that took place at James’ house. Gina, our mutual friend who we both knew from college, invited me to the party.

As we walked up the driveway, James was outside talking with friends and was surprised when I walked up instead of another Megan we both knew. We were introduced, and were instantly on friendly terms. I couldn’t seem to stop the thoughts of really wanting to get to know this guy. He was genuine, funny, and I enjoyed how much he could joke about himself (something I seem to have in common). Once we were inside, I made the move to sit on the same couch instead of letting my friend Gina take the seat. By this time there are quite a few people in the room, and we all enjoyed the commercials more than the game. James talked about the University of Memphis and how we were both involved in various campus ministries and yet had never met through Gina before. I wasn’t sure if I could make a move, since Gina had mentioned James might have had a crush on her.

After we left the party, I asked Gina about him and how they were together. She assured me that she wasn’t interested romantically even though he was such a great guy. She encouraged me to talk to him, but I wasn’t sure if he had just been nice to me because I was at his party. So I sat and wondered and wondered until I figured out a way to cross paths again! What was the next possible reason to go out and celebrate? St. Patrick’s Day! So I get together with Gina, and we try to get people together to go out to a couple local pubs to celebrate. Well, people bailed so it ended up being much more intimate, and Gina and I rode together to meet James. The three of us headed to a pub, had a drink, then headed out to meet another friend and grab some food. We rented a movie not knowing how long it was, and with the help of a shoe-stealing dog we played footsy and figured out that the feelings were mutual. We ended up going out on a date a few nights later to see the King’s Speech, and then the next week we had our first kiss and made it Facebook official.

The Proposal: Fast-forward almost a year. I wanted to have a big party for the super bowl to remember how James and I met one year ago. I knew a proposal was in the future; I just thought it might take longer than I wanted. I had told him you can’t make me cry and you can’t propose in front of a ton of people. Well I didn’t cry, but I still consider 26 people a lot of folks. I was shocked when the first video started playing and James was on the screen. At first I couldn’t figure out what it had to do with the church video they lead me to believe was playing, but then I realized they had lied to me. I thought, “Oh, oh, is this happening?” and then the second commercial started playing and I was like, “Oh my Lord, what is going on?” Before I knew it, he was down on his knee and I couldn’t say no. It was the perfect proposal coming from James. I couldn’t have asked for it to happen any other way.

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And now for the video of the proposal…

Produced by John Lancaster Films out of Memphis Tennessee