Megan and James


We originally met in middle school (7th and 8th grade). James had just moved from Texas and was the “hot new boy in school”. We were friends all through middle school and high school, but always seemed to have an eye out for each other.


James and I have birthdays 3 days apart.. Since our birthdays are so close together, we usually have one big celebration together. This year was different though, this year James was turning 30, so I planned an all out bash just for him this year.. but James had other plans.. on the morning of the party (1 day before my birthday) James insisted that we go to one of our favorite hiking trails with our dogs, just to “start the day off right” before we start going into party mode.. once we got to a certain peak of the hike, suddenly James was smiling.. and pulling something (a black box!) from the sleeve of his sweatshirt, and then I heard it “click click click” one of my best girl friends, who is also an amazing photographer, was standing in the bushes taking pictures of us!! James was on his knee, we were both in tears, and in total shock.. it was completely surreal. We then went home, popped champagne with family, and the night that was supposed to be james 30th birthday party turned into both a celebration for our birthdays, and suddenly our engagement party with all the people we loved, including 4 of 5 of James brothers who all flew out from Texas for the event. It was pure magic.

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Cori Taylor Photography
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Newport Beach, Back Bay
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