Megan and Jacob

How We Met

Jacob and I met at a church in Houston. He asked me out, and we ended up going to the Houston rodeo three times in the next two weeks! We like to think it was love at first sight, and it pretty much was!

Megan's Proposal in Venice, Italy

how they asked

On May 14, I had just arrived in Venice with my parents, sister, and two cousins. As soon as we stepped off the boat my dad told Miranda and me to go stand on a nearby bridge to take a picture. He said it was a really cool bridge and he’d explain why later. My parents were on a bridge opposite the one we were on to take the picture. Miranda and I had just turned to face them when I felt someone touch my elbow and say, “Excuse me, Ma’am, can we get in your picture?” My first thought was, “Why is some guy who speaks English talking to me in Venice?” Haha, but when I turned and saw that it was Jacob, I freaked out.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Venice, Italy

I couldn’t breathe, and I seriously thought I might faint and fall into the canal. Right then I realized my sister’s boyfriend was also there, taking her aside. All I could do was hug Jacob and try to catch my breath. The proposal felt like a whirlwind. One moment I was taking a picture, and the next my boyfriend was in Italy down on one knee asking me to spend forever with him. That was by far the easiest yes of my life and one I’ll never regret. But the surprise wasn’t over. A loud applause and cheering from the other bridge drew my attention; when Jacob said to look over there I saw that not only were my parents and cousins cheering, but all three of my brothers and their wives had flown to Venice to be there. It was the craziest, most wonderful moment of my life.