Megan and Jacob

Image 1 of Megan and Jacob

How We Met

Jacob and I worked at Buffalo Wild Wings together.

How They Asked

I came home from an afternoon of shopping with my friends. We had talked about having wings for dinner but I came home and Jacob had starting making a really nice dinner featuring scallops (my favorite!) We cooked the meal together while talking and listening to our favorite bands. After dinner, Jacob asked if I wanted to play cards and we started to play gin. We play often so it didn’t seem like anything out of the ordinary. I won two hands in a row, and then Jacob won the third hand. When he put down his 11th card face down, I asked if he had a 3 and he told me to look in the pile. I flipped over the face down card and it said, “will you marry me?”. It was romantic, personal, and the best proposal I could have imagined.