Megan and Jacob

Megan's Proposal in City Park, New Orleans

How We Met

People think that love is comprised of luxurious gifts, cutesy captions, and Instagram-worthy photos. However, love is more than enjoying the good times together. My fiance, Jacob, and I met at a cafe outside of LSU. Our summer romance blossomed as we survived late nights studying, college football games, and working various jobs to pay for tuition. I thought that I knew what love was, but then the Great Flood of 2016 hit Louisiana. My family lost everything. We were homeless, lost our possessions, and some of us lost our jobs due to the flood waters. Despite the unexpected turmoil, my fiance stayed with me. He took time off from work to pull out insulation, ruined furniture, and expired food in the August heat. He got some friends to clean out my grandparents’ home and provided food for my family. I knew then that I had found a love that could survive hell and high water.

Where to Propose in City Park, New Orleans

How They Asked

When Jacob proposed a year later, I did not hesitate to say yes. Losing everything taught me a vital lesson. If you have built a firm foundation for your relationship, then all you need is love.

Special Thanks

Adrianna Guillot
 | Photographer