Megan and Hunter

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How We Met

We met over 6 years ago in High School. Before we had even met in person, he followed me on Twitter (it sounds silly, I know). One night I was tweeting some pretty depressing things, you know, like your average high school girl does, and I received a message from this boy I had never even heard of. It was a simple message of “just wanted you to know I’m praying for you and am always here if you just need someone to listen to you”. Little did I know, this strange guy on Twitter would one day be my future husband. We started messaging, and soon this messages turned into phone calls, which soon turned into us hanging out. It was a little hard at first because he lived on the other side of town. He could drive, I could not.

So once again like a typically teenage girl, I let the distance get in the way, and decided to start hanging out with a guy that was “more convenient” and only lived a couple miles down the road, who could drive me basically anywhere I wanted (once again, a silly teenage girl). Hunter was so sure we were meant to be together, even at 16 years old. When I broke the news to him that I no longer wanted to “hangout”, instead of getting angry and mean (like any normal high school boy would, he prayed with me and told me “one day it will work out, I know it. Just give it time”). Little did I know, 4 years later, after many heartbreaks and silly relationships, he was right.

4 years later, late one night, I received a simple text message from Hunter asking to take me out for ice cream. 4 years. 4 years after not speaking to each other this boy still seemed to come back to me. From there, or relationship just flourished, and now it’s ensured to last forever. My 16 year old boyfriend (now fiancé-YAY), prayed over our relationship even when it didn’t work out in high school, told me over and over it would work out in time, just recently got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife and I am absolutely ecstatic.

how they asked

Throughout our relationship, one thing we did a lot was travel. Our friends were always so jealous of the “many adventures” we were able to take together. In just two years we traveled over 10 different places in the United States. This summer, his family planned a camping trip out West to stay in Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado. Being very hesitant about never camping before and the disadvantage of a shower for a week really shook me hard. I mean, who chooses to drive 20+ miles to sleep outside for a week and call it a “vacation”?!

I questioned this design and sorta kinda hinted at a cruise for the longest time (but my vote was overruled). So, we bought some tents, plenty of dry shampoo, and headed out West. Little did I know this would soon become my favorite vacation because my future husband was planning on popping the big question. I did not know it at the time, but he had planned on asking after a hike to Mills Lake (seriously google it, it’s beautiful), but due to me waking up sick on the morning of the hike, his plan of proposing that day after the hike was burned out. On our last night, his twin sisters came up with this great idea to dress up and take pictures in this beautiful medow below the mountains (aka get dressed up so their brother could ask me to be his wife) since we were leaving the next day.

Well, much like the first plan, it was burned down. It poured rain THE WHOLE AFTERNOON. Everyone in the family kept talking about how mad they were it was raining. At the time, I didn’t understand why everyone was getting under the weather about it. Literally, all they talked about was the rain. Luckily, right before sunset, the rain just stopped. Out of nowhere. It was suppose to rain all night long and for about 30 minutes it stopped. So, we re-did our lipstick, put on some dresses, and rushed down to the medow. We took a couple of family pictures, laughed a lot in the process, and smiled till our mouths hurt.

After the family pictures, His mom asked to take a couple of pictures of just me and Hunter. Well we stood there for a couple of snapshots, then next thing I know, Hunter is whispering something sweet in my ear (don’t ask me what he said, I was too excited to remember, but trust me, it was sweet), turns me towards him and told me he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me.

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At this point I knew what was happening and finally understood the urgency for the rain to stop and to “take pictures” aka, get engaged.

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He got down on one knee and pulled out the most stunning ring that he had customized himself.

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It was perfect.

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