Megan and George

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How We Met

George and I knew who each other were in high school but had never talked. He was 2 grades older than me. About two years after I graduated I ran into him at a bar and we got to talking. We dated for a year and then broke up for 2 years, I was 19 and he was 21 so we were both just really immature. 2 years after being broken up, we happened to run into eachother at that same bar, got to talking, and got back together a few months later. We have now been with eachother 5 1/2 years (not counting the time before), own a house together, and have a puppy. Oh…. and were ENGAGED!

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How They Asked

I woke up on Friday morning, getting ready for work, ate half a bagel, packed my lunch, etc. When I went to my car there was an envelope with my name on it and the letter 1. It told me he had called my boss and told him I needed the day off, that he canceled my eye appointment I had scheduled that day, and to meet my mom at a brunch spot at 930am. In thinking, great I just ate and I had to rush back inside and get cute cause I knew after seeing that note, what was happening but I didn’t know when in the day or if I’d be going home again before.

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At brunch, the waitress gives me my next envelope that states George has booked an appointment for me with my massage therapist at 12. After my massage, she gives me the next envelope which has a gift card to the nail salon, and tells me to go there. After getting my nails done I embarrassingly ask them if they have a card for me (they didn’t know what I was talking about). I’m calling my mom asking her if she knows what’s going on, as I’m walking out in the Parking lot my best friends mom is walking up. She plays dumb acting like it’s a coincidence, before pulling out my next card. Mind you- my best friend, Alex, lives in Charlotte (I’m in Virginia Beach), and I have been calling and texting her after every clue and she’s acting completely surprised. Her mom told me she was sworn to secrecy and didn’t tell Alex she was apart of the scavenger hunt. Her mom even showed me the texts. When I told Alex her mom gave me my last clue she acted so upset that her mom didn’t tell her. The last clue told me to go home, have some drinks, get dolled up, pack an overnight bag, and that my ride would pick me up at 5:45 pm.

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When my Uber got me it took me to the Marriot and Alex’s mom was there again lol. She told me she had asked my mom and FIANCÉ if it would be okay to record the first part for Alex since she couldn’t be there. So as she’s recording, Alex is around the corner and surprised me and I started crying immediately. She had even been sending me pictures that day of the CEOS at her work and saying she couldn’t talk (a picture from days before). Alex, her mom, and I get on the elevator and they stopped at multiple floors where people were waiting for me to give me a rose. First was my other best friend, then George’s family, my mom, and stepdad, and then my dad and stepmom. Alex then let me into the hotel that was decorated with roses and led candles and a heart on the bed. He was waiting on the balcony where he proposed. After his friends were on the beach and lit off two fireworks. George called everyone to the room after to have a celebratory glass of champagne. We then took a shuttle bus to my brother’s work where we had a very nice dinner. All the waterworks were flowing, I was on cloud 9. It was truly the most special way to propose. My FIANCÉ isn’t a super emotional guy or romantic but he set himself aside and knew this was right up my alley and everything I would want and more (opposites attract after all). I always have to have a plan, always have to be in control, and am NOT go with the flow (I swear I’m fun though lol). So, to have a day full of expected surprises was SO FUN, surprisingly stress-free, and kept me on my toes. He truly thought of everything. I can’t even believe that day was real, it was something out of a movie. I’m also a huge bachelor fan and love that he had everyone give me a rose. Say hello to the future Mrs. Brown!

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