Megan and Gabriel

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How We Met

Gabe and I met through a mutual contact and completely at random. I had recently gotten very serious about weight training and made a quick tweet about wanting to meet someone who shared the same interests as me. Gabe’s sister Cassidy and our friend Alicia new instantly that Gabe was prospect #1. A few weeks went by – we followed each other on Instagram, discretely liked each other’s pictures – but we never actually talked. One Friday night while Alicia and I were hanging out, she sent Gabe my number.

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The next night he texted me. We only exchanged a few messages before he called me. We talked on the phone until 4 in the morning and decided we HAD to meet. We met the next morning (4/13/2014) at Wolf Pen Creek Park to play frisbee golf and get to know each other. I remember sitting in my car, waiting, just knowing that I was going to hurl at any moment – I was so nervous! As soon as he stepped out of his car, my heart exploded! I had never seen someone with a smile as warm and bright as his. He taught me how to throw the frisbee, how to judge which direction to throw it based on the wind, but we ultimately ended up spending most of the morning laughing at how bad I was. When our date was over, I knew without a doubt I would see him again. Neither of us can put an exact day on when we became “official”. I think for us, it’s something that just happened – we had an instant connection that has just grown with time.

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how they asked

It was our 3 year anniversary (4/13/2017) and we decided that we were going to take couple pictures and go to dinner to celebrate. Gabe’s sister Cassidy does photography and has taken pictures of us many times, so her being involved did not tip me off in any way. We got to Wolf Pen Creek Park and the photo session began! The three of us walked around the park, stopping at a few places we thought would look good, when Gabe pointed to a spot under a bridge that he thought would work. We made our way down there, Cassidy took a few shots, fixed my hair, and said “okay now don’t move.” I remember leaning against him and feeling his heart POUNDING. “Maybe it’s the wind moving his shirt” I thought to myself. There’s no reason for his heart to be beating that fast, right?

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She gave Gabe the que, he spun me around to face him and dropped down on one knee! Suddenly I hear screaming and cheering – I look up and our families and friends are in the background! Before the words “will you marry me?” even registered in my brain, I was on my knees with him.

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We sat there for the longest and most powerful 30 seconds, so consumed in that moment! We spend over an hour taking pictures with our families and friends and crying about how happy we all were.

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A three year anniversary photo-shoot with my boyfriend turned into a perfect proposal at the same place we met. That was by far greater than any expectation I could have ever had for our proposal. It is, to date, the most beautiful moment I have been in with the most amazing man.

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