Megan and Francis

How We Met

Frank and I met on our first day teaching middle school in 2017. On the first day of orientation, I was wearing a Pittsburgh Pirates t-shirt. The principal of our school called each new staff member up to be recognized. Frank noticed that I had a Pittsburgh Pirate shirt on and asked if I was from Pittsburgh. I told him I was and he asked what part of Pittsburgh I was from. I said that I grew up in Robinson Township and to my surprise/shock he said he had grown up in the same township.

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Where to Propose in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

We discovered that his family home was 7 minutes from my family home and our parents have mutual friends. We spoke the rest of the day. In speaking, we found out that he had attended the private school in our township and I attended the public school. We both graduated the same year and we had both gone to college in Oakland, PA. He went to the University of Pittsburgh and I went to the small Catholic college on Pitt’s campus called Carlow University. In talking, we found out that we would go out with our friends on the weekend and go to the same bars and that our college apartments were only a street away from each other. We both graduated college the same year and ended up in Maryland teaching middle school. It constantly fascinates us that we spent the first part of our lives parallel to each other. We have been together ever since and I thank God everyday for bringing us together in our middle school.

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How They Asked

Frank proposed on February 29, 2020. We were headed up to Pittsburgh for mine and my sister’s birthday weekend (I’m a twin.) I had no clue that behind the scene planning was happening many months before a proposal that weekend was completely off of my radar because I was sick the week we were traveling up to Pittsburgh. I was just focused on feeling better to go up and celebrate our birthday! The Saturday he proposed, we had talked about going ice skating in downtown Pittsburgh.

This was the site of our first date! I woke up feeling a little sick and my twin sister forced me to get ready to enjoy some fresh air. Walking up to the rink Frank seemed a little nervous and I was so cold that I just wanted to get inside. He kept slowing down and talking about the first date. He began to drop to one knee and everything seemed to stop. It was just us until I heard the clicks of the camera. I was so happy and tears were flowing that I forgot to say yes! The rest of the day was spent celebrating with friends and family. Our birthday party was also an engagement party! It was the perfect end to a day I will never forget.

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