Megan and Evan

Image 1 of Megan and Evan

How We Met

I met Evan online dating, I sent him a simple message just saying, “hey, how are you?” I guess from there you could say the rest is history. Within a week of that first message we went on our first date where he took me for ice cream and we quickly became inseparable and a week after meeting him in person I knew in my gut I would marry him one day.

how they asked

On Christmas Eve my family went to unwrap our gifts and his family were on Skype. He had me unwrap a large box. When I unwrapped the first layer there was another box inside, also wrapped with the word “will,” on top of it. I then unwrapped three other layers saying, “you,” “marry”, “me?” My ring was in the bottom of the last box, and I felt my answer was so obvious I forgot to answer and he had to ask me again, so everyone could hear my answer.

Image 2 of Megan and Evan