Megan and Drew

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MEG’S SIDE: Every year, my family goes on vacation over Christmas break. Rather than going to our usual destination, southern California, we decided that we wanted to switch it up a little bit. While planning the trip, we told Drew that he was invited and that we all wanted him to come. However, this was going to be his first Christmas home from his mission and he thought it would be best to stay home and spend it with his family. We all completely understood and went on our way without him. We arrived in Oahu around 4pm on Christmas Day, checked into our hotel, then hopped on the shuttle to explore and get dinner. We realized how tired we really were when the festivities started to wind down, as we were used to Salt Lake time (which is three hours ahead of Hawaii time). The next morning, we woke up and decided to explore our hotel. There is the coolest pool (three, actually!), a secret beach, palm trees EVERYWHERE (shocker, right? ?), and the kindest people constantly saying, “ALOHA!” The island began to get extremely stormy around 11am, so my family decided to head back inside and order pizza. While exploring the day before, I found the cutest swim suit that I wanted to go back and buy. My mom, sister and I once again waited for the shuttle and headed back to the store. 2pm rolled around, aka the time my parents said that they had to go pick up the rental car, and the rain was comin’ down hard. They jumped in an Uber and headed to get the rental car, stop at Costco and pick up my surprise (which I still had absolutely no idea about). Throughout the day, my parents kept BEGGING us to get ready and look nice because they wanted to take a family photo since we didn’t send out a Christmas card this year. Not one bit suspicious, I started to get ready. During the process, the fire alarm went off and the entire hotel was asked to evacuate. Apparently someone burned some cookies, whoops! Luckily, the weather started clearing up so we didn’t have to wait in the rain. At this point, my parents were just minutes away from the hotel. We met them in the underground parking, grabbed the groceries and carried them all back to the room. We changed and made ourselves as presentable as possible before we had to be on time for our dinner reservation. I curled my hair, threw on a dress and was still completely oblivious. All this while Drew was texting me the ENTIRE day telling me about work, how tired he was, what his plans were for the next day, etc. Sneaky, sneaky boy. We walked outside towards the beach… There Drew was. “What are you doing here?!” I was in shock. It couldn’t have been more perfect.

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DREW’S SIDE:Meg and I dated our entire senior year of high school. Right out of high school, I left to serve on an LDS mission for two years. We discussed her waiting, as that’s what I wanted, but she kept telling me that she didn’t want to promise anything. A month into my mission, she wrote me the coolest letter about how she wanted nothing more than to wait — and she did! Knowing that she was waiting made it so much easier to be away. Fast forward, I returned home from my mission August 15, 2017. She was at the airport and things clicked back into place immediately — it felt like I never even left. We talked about getting married frequently, even since before my mission. At the beginning of December, I started seriously thinking about proposing and thought it was a great time to ask her dad. We work together in the same office building and he constantly has people in and out of his office. He truly is the busiest man. I found a little window of time to sneak into his office to chat. After chatting, he gave me his blessing and I was so pumped! From there, I started chatting with one of her family friends that is a jeweler in hopes to create Meg’s dream ring. He was able to create exactly what she wanted and I picked it up Christmas afternoon — just in time to jump on a plane the next day.

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THE PLAN: My friends and I discussed a few ideas about how I could ask and had come up with a plan. We were dead set about going up the canyon and doing something up there on January 1st, the day after Meg was scheduled to get home from Hawaii. Pretty soon after we talked about this plan, I was chatting with Meg’s parents and we came to the conclusion that I was going to meet them in Hawaii instead. They told me that they would help me surprise her and promised that absolutely no one would know that I was coming so that there was no chance of our plan being spoiled. The plane ticket was purchased and I was set to fly out the day after Christmas. Throughout the day of, I was texting Meg, telling her about my day at work, when I was actually en route to Hawaii. She kept telling me that the weather was on and off and I was a little worried. Meg’s parents picked me up at the airport around 4pm, we ran to Costco, then were at the hotel in no time. Her mom kept asking if I was nervous, but I really wasn’t! The sun started coming out and I felt so relieved. They dropped me off at the front of the resort and I headed down to the beach. They parked the car, carried groceries up to the room, then Michelle (Meg’s mom) met me. A few minutes later, Meg’s siblings were in sight and Meg turned the corner… BAM! The look on her face was priceless!

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 | Photographer
Greg Reynolds
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