Megan and Derek

How we met: We met at a nighclub in Easthampton, New York. I was renting a house with a few friends for the summer after graduate school and love was not on my mind. We were introduced one night on July 4th weekend on the middle of the dance floor. He was tall and super handsome so when he asked me to dance, I panicked and demanded a shot of tequilla. We ended up spending the night at the bar exchanged phone numbers and a week later we were together ever since.

Image 1 of Megan and Derek

how they asked: We had decided to move back to Denver after living in New York since college. He wanted to be close to his family and it was a very bittersweet decision for me to leave my friends and work behind. He knew I was super nervous to leave and a ring was certainly on my mind.

We hadImage 2 of Megan and Derek planned before we left Manhattan to take a row boat ride around Central Park as our most cherished memories were in the park. We spent the morning together having a beautiful picnic on the big lawn just reminiscing over the years we shared in New York.

Before we packed up we decided to go for the row boat ride, where decided to get down on one knee in front of a large crowd (a sunny June day in the middle of Central Park) and ask me to be his wife.

Afterwards he had planned a surprise engagement party with 20 of our closest friends at a rooftop garden before he whisked me away for an overnight stay on the coast of Connecticut where we got a couples massage and had a romantic dinner as newly engaged.

The weekend had a significant meaning as I had lost my father four years ago and father’s day weekend was a particularly lonely weekend for me as I do not have family in New York. He specifically proposed over father’s day to make sure I always smiled on father’s day when it was a typically tough weekend for me. We are now getting married in five months with my father’s memory always in our hearts and minds.