Megan and Dayn

How We Met: It’s actually a funny story how Dayn and I met. We both lived in south east Texas, about an hour and a half apart and never knew each other. My old friend Andrew joined the military, the Air Force to be exact, and I was invited to watch him graduate boot camp. Of course being away from family you get lonely so all the guys got close during boot camp. So Dayn and Andrew became good friends because they were both from South East Texas! Andrew told Dayn a lot of me, so that is when Dayn became introduced to my name.

Image 1 of Megan and Dayn

Months later I show up for their boot camp graduation and that is when Dayn said he saw me for the first time and he thought I was cute. After they got their phones back Dayn later found me on Instagram and I added him back. We followed each other for almost a year before he finally sent me a message asking for my number, and so I gave it to him.

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We hit it off the first night as if we knew each other our whole life’s.

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Two months into talking and FaceTiming every night Dayn was coming back to Texas for special training and we took that opportunity to meet up. I spent that whole week in San Antonio with Dayn and his grandparents and knew I was in love with him and going to marry him someday.

Image 4 of Megan and Dayn
Image 5 of Megan and Dayn

how they asked: People think we’re crazy, but we also get all the support we need. Only four months into”officially” being a couple I went up to where Dayn is stationed.

The second day I was there I wanted to go to the top of Sandia Peak mountain, so we all hopped in a car and headed that way.

We got into a tram which was connected to a cable that brought us 10,378 feet up to the top of Sania Peak. It was about 50 degree’s up there right at sunset so I was freezing, Dayn was just standing next to me with his arm around me, nothing seemed out of the normal for me.

Dayn keep asking if I was really that cold, he then shifted him body towards me to what I though was going to be a hug to warm me up when he suddenly got down on one knee.

Image 6 of Megan and Dayn

I was in shock as to what was happening, he grabbed my hand and told me how much he loved me and how he wanted to spend the rest of our lives together.

Image 7 of Megan and Dayn

Of course I said yes! Little did I know my mom was right behind us recording the entire thing.

Image 8 of Megan and Dayn

It was the best day of my life, that for sure!!!