Megan and Darius

How We Met

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I met Darius at work and it may sound cheesy but instantly I was attracted to him.We both assumed each other were already taken. So Darius decided to send the message through a co-workers to tell me about his interest in me. Weeks went by and I stopped playing hard to get. I told our co-worker Darius should come to me himself and he did. We begin going out on dates June 5th,2014 and by Nov 1st we became a couple.

how they asked

July 1st, 2015 Darius decided to plan the perfect date night. I thought it was just going to be a normal night out. We pulled up to a lake with two gondolas sitting on the water. Dinner on the lake was the most romantic idea he could have thought of. The gondolier told me to grab a bottle out of the water. I took the corkscrew out of the bottle and removed the note. After reading the note, I looked up and he was on one knee.

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