Megan and Connor

How We Met

It was a sunny, Thursday afternoon around 3pm, might I add, red hats and purple shirts filled the room, along with all the old lady perfume you could ever dream of. Sounds like the most romantic first date you’ve ever been on, right? Connor and I both worked crazy jobs when we first met and 3pm was the only time we had available. (I know, you’re thinking we are the coolest humans on the planet right now.) I was right in the middle of harvest and Connor had just switch jobs with his congressman. We first found each other on Tinder (we try not to tell anyone this), but the only reason we swiped right was because we both had profile pictures of our pups. (again, coolest. people. ever.) We planned to meet for pizza on our short breaks and he’d be picking me up at my parents house, because what twenty something year old doesn’t want free rent? I watched this white ford fusion pull in and out steps this blonde hair, blue eyed beaut in high water jeans, button down and boat shoes. He was just about the cutest thing I’d ever seen. First dates are always awkward, but this one was different. I was relaxed and we started immediately insulting each other with jokes as soon as we got our appetizers. I shortly knew this was the man I was going to marry….it only took him two years to catch up. This man has surprised me in every way possible. Through endless moves (Indiana to DC, and then all over DC) he has remained constant and so loving. We are so blessed and thrilled to be one of Tinder’s success stories, apparently they don’t all end this well.

Image 1 of Megan and Connor

how they asked

I had plans to go out with my girlfriend Jeannie that evening, it was Taco Tuesday, so where else would we be besides a Mexican restaurant downing margs? We had recently just adopted two horses and Jeannie kept bugging me to stop by the barn. I had already fed and the boarding barn was about 30 minutes out of the way. It had been a long day and all I wanted was some tacos and tequila, so we decided to stop by the barn another day. As we’re sitting there, margarita in hand, I get a call that one of my horses (sweet Baby J) had gone down and they weren’t sure what was going on. As a horse person I was asking every sort of question, trying to avoid another trip to the barn. Would he be fine until morning, is he bleeding, is anything broken, etc, etc, etc? They finally had to kick it into third gear and say that it looked like a fracture. So panic quickly set in, as well as thinking about all the vet bills about to head our way. We quickly rushed to the barn. With all the hubbub about the horse, I found it odd that all the barn lights were off. I’m like, why is no one here?! I ran into the barn and turned all the lights on. There stood Connor, in a suit, and our two dogs at his side. First off, I’m thinking, is Justin ok? Second, why are you in the barn wearing a suit? He starts to laugh. Panic brain is a thing, because I had absolutely no idea what was happening until he kneeled down on one knee. He begins to talk about our life together, how in two years, we’ve made it through more than most married couples of ten years and that he couldn’t imagine spending his life with anyone, but me. (Being poor, moving, still being poor and moving again will test your relationship to no level) He continues on, our two pups sitting right next to him, and then proceeds to pull out this little blue box. I melted, obviously said yes, and then continued to take some awkward engagement photos that Connor will never let me live down.

Image 2 of Megan and Connor

Special Thanks

Jeannie Mayhew
 | Photographer
Bo Poats
 | Planning
Meagan Sills
 | Planning