Megan and Collin

how we met

We met through mutual friends at our old, local Lansing hangout Waterfront Bar & Grill as well as crossing paths in the Lansing Co-Ed intramural sports league.

how they asked

Collin and Megan had planned a trip to Traverse City with their friends. It was right after their “two-year” dating anniversary. Before making the trip, Collin had to head up to Tawas to see Megan’s dad and begin building the plans for the surprise engagement party. On Friday night, Collin and Megan went to dinner and drinks together. Megan even wore a white sweater thinking, “Oh, this could be it!” They met up with their friends Erica and Brett after dinner and while Megan went to the bathroom, Collin wanted SO badly to tell them what he was about to do and didn’t know that Erica already knew (thanks to Holly) so they just stared at each other in silence because Collin was too nervous Megan would find out. The night was super fun and Megan thought, “Well, maybe it’s happening in a few weeks. Tomorrow is just a fun day with our friends. There is no way he’d propose.” Saturday morning started out with brunch and then we made a plan to head out to the wineries. Megan had been wanting to try the charcuterie from Bonobo Winery so Collin thought they would head right there. Well, seeing as they just had brunch, Megan wanted to make another stop first. (Little did she know, she was postponing one of the most exciting moments of her life!) After visiting Mari Vineyards, it was time to head to Bonobo. We had the most amazing tasting with Jill, and Kyle and Emily suggested we get a glass. Collin was too nervous and said that because he was driving, he’d just have a coffee. Meanwhile, he was keeping an eye on the time. Once the wine was finished, it was time to take the coveted “Christmas Card” photo outside on the patio. Kyle had the video going, Emily and the camera, and we took our coats off to get in position for the photo. Collin asked, “Is the lighting good?” and once Emily gave him the go-ahead, he got down on one knee. Neither remembers much of what was said; in fact, Megan had to put the ring on her finger herself! Then Collin said we had to leave and head back to Lansing and Kyle and Emily had to leave too. Megan thought, “What? We’re in Traverse City? We can’t celebrate?” They FaceTimed Megan’s Mom on the way home who was secretly setting up for the engagement party at Collin and Megan’s house. She ran out into her car to answer and was so excited! The whole ride home, Collin and Megan listened to love songs and talked about how wonderful the day had been. Megan was secretly hoping there would be some type of celebration, but all Collin said was that they had reservations somewhere. As they pulled down their street, there was not a single car in the driveway or on the road. Somewhat disappointed, they pulled in the driveway and Collin opened the garage door. That’s when Megan saw some coolers…could this be the party?! She walked in the door through the garage and ran right into Collin’s brother, Ben. SURPRISE! Everyone was waiting for us to come in the front door! It was so special to see all of our friends and families there and we partied the night away! Megan never told Collin how she pictured their proposal to be, but if she had, it would have went exactly like this.

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