Megan and Colin

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How We Met

Colin and I are from different places. I grew up in Indiana, and he was raised in New Hampshire. By chance, we both took summer jobs at the same summer camp in upstate NY as counselors. In the summer of 2013, we ventured to a place where neither of us knew a single person. During our first summer as counselors, we were both involved with other people, and started a friendship. Neither of us were interested in romance at the time. During our returning summer, in 2014, we shared our first kiss, but I was freshly out of a relationship and wanted to be single. Colin, however, had other plans in mind. He continued to subtly pursue my heart for almost a full year before I agreed to be his date to his best friend’s wedding. It was at that wedding in June 2015, when we decided to start a relationship, even though we were living in completely different parts of the country. And the rest is history.

how they asked

Travel has always been a large part of Colin & I’s relationship. From meeting in upstate New York, to moving to Florida together, to our travels in Texas, New Hampshire, and beyond, we have been each other’s travel companion since our relationship officially began. One weekend, I flew from Florida (where we were living) back to my old stomping ground in Indianapolis, Indiana. I was there for a girl’s weekend with my two best friends. We had made plans to go to brunch together on Sunday. As my best friend, Chellsey, and I were walking to brunch, we passed the Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Monument in downtown Indianapolis. I was so excited to take pictures on the steps for my blog…until I noticed a man standing on the steps that looked an awful lot like Colin. Turns out, my other best friend had picked him up from the airport that morning. He proposed to me on the steps in front of everyone, as my best friend Courtney photographed the entire event . It was the most magical day of my life!

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