Megan and Cody

How We Met

We grew up together in the same hometown. We always knew who the other one was, but we had never really hung out. One of the girls on my softball team regularly hung out with Cody and his friends. Every Friday night before the football games, she would go hang out with them at Cody’s house. As she and I got closer and started hanging out more, she invited me to go with her one Friday night. We all had a great time before the game. Soon after that, all of us took a short road trip to go hang out on a lake. She wanted to ride in the front, so I rode in the back seat with Cody. We all talked and cut up the whole time and I knew from that car ride that I really liked this guy. On the boat, we were all hanging out and I was sitting by Cody the whole time. Someone drew out a camera to take pictures of us all and they got one of Cody and me. I still refer to it as the picture from the day I fell in love with him!

how they asked

This is a long story but I promise it’s worth the read! When Cody and I were juniors in high school, he got a 1996 Chevrolet Tahoe from his dad. It was a great gift and I was so glad to be there when he gave him the Tahoe. Over the years, the Tahoe started to get more and more run down and beat up. Cody really started to need a truck so he kept asking his dad if he could help him out. It took a few years, but one day his dad finally called me and told me he was going to surprise Cody and give him a truck for Christmas. We both cried on the phone because we were so happy for him and knew how much he deserved it. His dad wanted me to be there when he got the Silverado because I was there when he got the Tahoe. Knowing I wouldn’t be in town for Christmas, I told him not to worry about me and I would hear the story later. About a week passed and his dad was still trying to find ways for me to be there when he got the truck. I kept insisting for him not to worry about me! One Friday at work, his dad called and told me that he and one of Cody’s brothers were on the way down to give him the truck. They just couldn’t wait anymore and they wanted me to be there so badly that they were coming a week before Christmas to give him the surprise. I was so excited that I couldn’t barely focus on work the rest of the day. His dad and I made the dinner plans and were thinking of ways to tell Cody why his dad and brother would be in town (we live 5 hours away so this is not a small trip). We finally got everything settled and we went to dinner that night. At dinner, his dad gave him the title to the truck and I just kept thinking “this is the best night ever and I can’t believe Cody finally has a new truck!” Cody immediately picked up the phone and started telling his friends about the new truck. When his dad, brother, Cody and I got to his house, there were tons of cars in the driveway. Cody said he had invited some of his friends over to see the new truck and I thought nothing of it. We went inside excited to tell our friends about the car. Cody said “Well, I had a surprise tonight, I got a new truck!” We all cheered and clapped for him. Then he says “But, I’ve got another surprise” and looks right into my eyes. “All of our friends are here” and immediately my heart started beating out of my chest. I looked at him and said “OMG!” and we both started to cry. He choked out the words “You mean the world to me” then he dropped to his knee. I fell to mine, hugged his neck and said “Absolutely!!” I didn’t even put the ring on I was too busy hugging him! I finally looked at my gorgeous diamond and lost it again. His dad “couldn’t wait to give him the truck” because he was also bringing the ring so that Cody could propose! It was an amazing surprise for both of us that we’ll never forget.

Image 1 of Megan and Cody

Image 2 of Megan and Cody