Megan and Cody

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How We Met

Cody and I have known each other as far back as I can remember. We grew up together in children’s church, then Awana, then youth group and bible studies at Faith Community Church where both of our families attended. We were each others first “girlfriend/boyfriend” at age 12 & 13 when Cody emailed me after church one Sunday and asked if I liked him and wanted to be his girlfriend. One week later we were caught holding hands at church and I was immediately told that I was too young to “date” (of course). So, I sent Cody a sad email stating that we were not meant to be together now but that maybe one day in the future, we’d find each other again, an email I still have saved in my old Yahoo account.

Cody and I stayed friends-who-like-each-other all through middle school and high school and when we were old enough to date, it seemed that our timing was just never right. I left for college right out of high school and Cody jumped head first into the work force. We grew apart but always kept up with each other over social media. Cody and I never missed a Happy Birthday wish on each other’s Facebook wall or a like on a picture.

After I graduated college and spent a couple years in Florida, I had come home for the birth of my niece and Cody and I ran into each other and caught up. After my niece was born I knew my place was in WA so I packed up, quit my job, and moved back home. Cody and I started dating almost immediately when I moved back and the rest is history! Cody and I will have been dating exactly 3 years on the day we get married.

It took us, what seemed like, a lifetime to end up together but I fully believe it was all in perfect timing.

Megan's Proposal in Winthrop, WA

how they asked

Every year Cody and I take a camping trip with our close friends, which is one of our very favorite things to do. Last summer (2017) we had decided to head to Winthrop, WA. On the second day of the trip the “guys” decided they really wanted to go on a group hike. Seemed strange, but we weren’t going to argue with that! We decided that it would be best to go right before sunset so we could all get pictures with the view. We had dinner that night and got ready to head over to Patterson Mountain Trail for our hike. Little did I know, but Cody had included everyone in on his plan to propose during the hike. He had let everyone know that when he got to the place he thought was best he would say, “This looks like a great spot to take a picture”. We got up to a landing, probably only about 10 min into the hike, with a great view over Patterson Lake. Cody gave the cue and everyone started getting in line to get their picture taken. After a couple of our friends had gone I scooped up our dog, Bubba, and headed to the clearing to pose with Cody. I stood in front of the view and faced the cameras and just as I was turning to tell Cody I wanted to switch sides, he got down on one knee with the ring in his hand. Our amazing friends caught the whole thing on camera and had packed champagne and party poppers inter backpacks to celebrate the moment with us. We were so blessed to be surrounded by close friends who love us and were so excited to celebrate with us.

Once we were back off the trail I called my parents and Cody’s who were anxiously waiting by the phone. We organized a family BBQ as soon as we got home to celebrate with both of our families. It is a camping trip we will never forget!