Megan and Cliff

How We Met

I met Cliff six years ago while I was in University.

how they asked

It was a typical Monday (which is our least favourite day, of course), and I remember Cliff waking up and being in such a great mood that day. He went off to work while I ran errands. Later that afternoon, he walked through the door (while I was literally sitting there with my hair-tied, chillin’ with no make-up on), and told me he had a late Valentine’s gift for me. He told me to close my eyes and put my hands out. I heard him rustling around and thought he maybe misplaced the surprise. After a few moments he told me to open my eyes and I saw him down on one knee with a box in his hand with the most gorgeous ring inside. He said: “when everything else is wrong in my life, you are the one thing that’s right….will you marry me?” As he said those words, a single tear rolled down his cheek. I was a blubbering mess, but of course said Yes! It turns out, our Monday wasn’t so run-of-the-mill afterall.

Image 1 of Megan and Cliff

Image 2 of Megan and Cliff