Megan and Chris

How We Met

Chris and I have been together since we were 17 years old. He was a senior and I was a junior. We were in the same AP Biology class. Towards the end of the school year, I decided I had a crush on this cute, funny, baseball player in the back of the class. I got Chris’ phone number from a friend and started to text him. He finally decided he wanted to hang out with one night in March 2009. Chris came over to my house to watch a movie and when he was leaving that night he pulled me close and gave me a kiss because there was an obvious crush going both ways. One week later on March 28, 2009 Chris made it “official” and asked me to be his girlfriend, we have been together ever since! Chris graduated not long after and headed to Longwood University as I finished my senior year of high school. I decided to attend James Madison University for my freshman year but it was hard on both of us to be attending different schools that were several hours apart. So, we decided as a couple to transfer to Old Dominion University where we were both from so that we didn’t have to be apart anymore. We finished our bachelor degrees here and then started applying to graduate school together. We both wanted go to physical therapy school which is a 3 year program but we knew we didn’t want to be apart for that long. We both applied to Old Dominion’s program so that we could stay home and be together and luckily we both got in! Out of about 700 applicants, only 43 were chosen and Chris and I happened to be in that group. We are so blessed to have the opportunity to be in the same program and spend every day together which we will finish in May 2017…….and graduation will closely followed with our wedding!

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how they asked

For one of our clinicals in physical therapy school, Chris got sent to the Eastern Shore of Virginia for 8 weeks this past summer. I would visit him on the weekends and we found the adorable little town of Chincoteague that we both fell in love with. It has beautiful beaches, a lighthouse, unique little shops, the best ice cream shop ever, and a waterside little park with Adirondack chairs that spelled out LOVE. We took many trips here and loved it more and more every time we went. So, in October 2015 (our fall break from school) we decided to make a trip up there with Chris’ sister and her boyfriend since they had never been. The day before we went up, Chris and I attended a wedding of high school friends. I just happened to catch the boquet, and I just teased Chris saying “you know what that means!” since at this point we were six and a half years into our relationship. Little did I know, Chris already had plans to propose the next day. So the next day, we drive up to Chincoteague like it’s any other trip up there. Our first stop is to the LOVE chairs to take pictures. When we get there Chris’ sister offers us to take a picture by the chairs first before her and her boyfriend. So we walk over to the chairs and when we get there Chris gets down on one knee to propose. I start crying and of course say YES! I was sooooo surprised that he was FINALLY asking me to marry him. We called our parents who already knew what was going to happen. We spent the rest of the day touring the island and headed back to a surprise engagement party at my mom’s house with both of our families. It was the most perfect day and I couldn’t have planned it better! And my birthday was the next day so I couldn’t have started off my birthday any better!

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