Megan and Chris

how we met

We met back in high school. I was 17 and Chris was 16. It was New Years and although our friend groups had intermingled previously i’d never actually met him before! We ended up hanging out and talking all night, he made me laugh and was very sweet and genuine. We both had the same kind of upbringing on farms, so I think that made us click as well. Our whole group ended up sleeping on the lounge floor of a friends house for the night, and I made sure to put my number in Chris’ phone, with the promise that he owed me a box of skittles candy for some reason I can’t remember! He messaged me the next day and we kept in contact.

I had made previous plans with friends to go to a music festival that was 5 hours away. Chris wasn’t going, because he was saving money for his last year of high school (He was going away to a school in the South Island of NZ) I ended up convincing him though, and he made the trek up. I realised then that he was pretty special and didn’t really want to let him go. I said to him that if he wasn’t about to go off to school for a year i’d have asked him out – he said “why does that matter” – so we gave it a shot. It ended up working out quite well, because for that whole year it was just phone and mail conversations (apart from seeing him in school holidays) so we really got to know each other without other peoples input.

how they asked

We had gone out for a nice dinner and when we got home it was dark. Chris had some fairy lights up on the patio and told me to wait outside for my anniversary present. After a few minutes our dog, Buzz came out to see what I was doing. I was patting him, and he dropped a ring box he’d had in his mouth on to my lap. Chris came out and told me to open it, and inside was a drawing of the type of engagement ring I’d always loved. He said that he didn’t trust the dog with a real ring in his mouth, and either way he wanted us to go and design it together, which we did the following day!

We decided to have the wedding on the 4th of Feb 2017, which is also our 11 year anniversary. It sounds really sentimental, but we have both spent 10 years remembering the 4th of Feb is the date to remember for an anniversary and we didn’t want to have to remember a new date!

Special Thanks