Megan and Chase

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How We Met

Chase and I met back in 2010 through a mutual friend. At the time, there was a slightly awkward age gap between us, considering I was 14 and he was 17. I remember exchanging very few words with Chase that night, but that was also the first night I met his sister (and soon to be mine!), Ashlyn. We were about the same age and that night was the beginning of a beautiful friendship between the two of us. Soon we were hanging out, having sleepovers, and doing plain ol’ girly stuff. During this time, I guess you could say I had a love-hate relationship with Chase. I merely viewed him as my close friend’s annoying older brother who would tease me and I’d spit comebacks at. If you had told us back then that we would be in love and planning a wedding someday, we both would have thought you were crazy! But of course, the real joke was on us because flash forward 5 years to when I was 19 and he was 22, and we were helplessly falling for each other. We started to realize that we had way more in common than we thought, especially our sense of humor, love for singing, and hatred of carrots. I remember the first night I started falling for Chase, we were driving back to Vegas from St. George after a day of snowboarding. I’m terrible at snowboarding (and pretty much every other sport out there) and instead of hitting the slopes & doing cool tricks with all of our friends, Chase stuck with me the whole day – whether I was slowly making my way down the bunny hill or warming up in the lodge with some hot chocolate.

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Anyway, at some point in the drive, he thought everyone in the car was asleep. I was silently admiring the stars in the sky when The Girl by City and Colour came on and he started singing along. I remember feeling my heart get all pitter-patter-y and I just knew that his voice was THE voice I wanted to sing with for the rest of my life. After getting back into town that night, I couldn’t help but tell my best friend Nataly the feelings I developed for Chase. Little did I know, Chase talked to Nataly about his feelings for me just two weeks before! Now the hard part: telling Ashlyn I had developed feelings for her brother. I was extremely nervous about it. What if she didn’t approve? What if it ruined our friendship? To my surprise and relief, she was extremely supportive and said, “Duh! I always knew that was going to happen!” Apparently all of our friends knew that were going to end up together before we did and when we announced to them that we had started dating, they all said, “About time!”

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how they asked

We had planned to celebrate our second anniversary by going out to dinner and ending the night by seeing one of our favorite bands, UsTheDuo, in concert. It was a Friday and I went to work, like I would any other Friday. What seemed like a perfectly normal, average day ended up being the day that changed the rest of my life forever. A couple of hours into my shift, my coworker pulled me aside and told me that I had a delivery. She handed me a half-dozen red roses, each one having a note tied to the stem with a reason why Chase loves me. I remember feeling so flustered & giddy, thinking they must have been Chase’s anniversary gift to me! After texting Chase and thanking him for his romantic gesture, I went on with the rest of my work day and couldn’t wait to go home and gush to my parents about the sweet gift I had received! However, to my surprise, there were more waiting for me at home. Later on, I found out that Chase’s sister Ashlyn had made the delivery to my work while Chase delivered another half-dozen roses to my house!

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At this point, I still had no idea that a proposal was in the works and began getting ready for our date that night. When Chase picked me up for our date, he looked handsome as ever and was holding a full dozen red roses in his hand, all with little notes attached to the stems just like the ones I had received earlier that day. I STILL didn’t think anything of it, especially since Chase is this romantic and cheesy all the time! After getting in the car, Chase assigned the responsibility of the GPS over to me and I began giving him instructions on how to get to the restaurant. Everything was going smoothly until he made the wrong turn at the exit. Annoyed, I told him he was going the wrong way but he insisted he knew where he was going and to just trust him. In a matter of minutes, we were driving up the Red Rock mountains and it started to dawn on me what was happening.

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But of course, I didn’t want to start crying and freaking out yet, in case it wasn’t what I thought it was, because that would just be awkward for the both of us. So I tried to act as chill as possible and Chase was trying to do the same by making small talk as we drove up the mountain. The sun was setting, and I remember taking in the mountains against the pink and purple sky, silently praying that this really was a proposal!! We started seeing signs for Bonnie Springs and immediately memories started flooding back and I realized where we were going. The first night Chase and I began officially dating (after he asked permission from my parents, of course!) we met up with some friends to go stargazing at Bonnie Springs.

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However, the whole night turned into a joke because 1) we couldn’t see any stars 2) we almost got attacked by donkey multiple times and 3) we were starving and nobody brought food (which is out of character for our friend group!) So, stargazing was a fail and we ended up going out for sushi, but that spot always remained significant to us and we would always talk about the funny things that happened that night. So here we were, 2 years later, driving back to the same spot. At this point I was 98% sure it was happening, but still didn’t want to get my hopes up. About 20 seconds later though, we pulled up to the same exact spot that we attempted to go stargazing at 2 years ago, and the first thing I saw was all of our friends and family there waiting for us. Now I was 100% sure it was happening and a whole wave of emotions came over me. I couldn’t even get out of the car! When I finally composed myself enough to get out of the car, I heard our song (Lemonade – Jeremy Passion) start playing and Chase pulled me in for a dance.

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For those few minutes, it was just me, him, and my false eyelashes flapping in the wind and it was like time stopped. At the end of the song, Chase got down on one knee and said something along the lines of promising to take care of me and make me happy for the rest of our lives (to be honest, I don’t remember much because I was just trying not to pass out and also because we had to take a few laughing breaks because I have a reaaaally ugly crying face) and finally asked the question, “Jessica Megan Mac, will you marry me?”

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In a matter of seconds, I had a shiny ring on my finger and glass of champagne in my hand. It was so special to have all of our friends and family there to celebrate such a special moment with us. Later on, Chase explained the significance behind the roses he gave me earlier that day – 24 roses total, one rose for each month we had spent together. And to top off the night, UsTheDuo congratulated us on our engagement during their show and we had like a 15 second conversation with them (it was amazing!). We are so excited to be husband and wife and ugly cry together, forever. P.S. all photos from the proposal and engagement session were taken by my amazingly talented soon-to-be sister, Ashlyn!

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Special Thanks

Ashlyn Darang
 | Photographer