Megan and Charles

How We Met

Charles and I briefly met at a one year anniversary party at a bar in Chicago (El Hefe, which is known to be a bit rowdy). Charles approached me to tell me I was “the most beautiful lady in the room” which was so sweet but I kindly turned him away since I was out with my girls that night, not even giving us a chance to exchange phone numbers. Days later, I happened to see photos on social media that were professionally taken at the bar that night. After scrolling through the images I found a candid photo of the exact moment Charles and I met and it was such an amazing photo. I couldn’t believe that I had maybe passed on a great opportunity to meet someone… Luckily, his best friend had tagged him in a photo that followed and I took a chance by “adding” him on Facebook. He accepted my request, we began talking and I shared the amazing photo of us meeting. We planned to go on an official date and have been inseparable ever since.

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how they asked

Charles went above and beyond to make everything about the proposal perfect and top secret. Knowing that I am a big snoop and pick up on every little detail, he took extra precautions to make sure I would be totally shocked. Several weeks before the proposal, Charles had called me with exciting news that NYU had invited him to come speak at an event on Medicine and Entrepreneurship to the graduating medical students. Of course, we could not pass up an opportunity to visit our favorite city! As the weekend trip approached, Charles even requested my help in putting together a power point presentation for his talk to the students that would take place on Saturday.

Upon arriving in NYC, I was still working on putting the finishing touches on his presentation while in the cab on our way to our hotel. Once we got settled into our hotel room, we made plans to meet a friend who was also in town at the Top of the Rock. While I wanted to see our good friend and take in the views from the Top of the Rock, I knew that timing would be critical since we had to be at a happy hour and dinner with NYU staff just two hours later. Although I was hesitant that we would make it to the happy hour on time, we headed on over to Rockefeller Center and made our way to the top.

It was a perfect NYC afternoon, warm, sunny and the view from the Top of the Rock was perfect. We had visited the Top of the Rock 9 months prior and had then decided that it was a special place for us. Little did I know, that a proposal would eventually take place at our spot. Charles led me over to the best view from the top that over looks the Empire State building where he then asked if I would be his rock at the Top of the Rock.

Of course, I said yes and laughed a bit at his cheesy line which was adorable. Seconds later, he got down on one knee, pulled out the most beautiful ring and asked me to marry him. Without any hesitation, I said yes. Charles then admitted that there was no presentation that weekend, no happy hour or dinner and that it was all planned to distract me from the real plans for the weekend- our engagement!

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Megan and Charles's Engagement in New York City - Top of the Rock

We took photos with our photographer and headed back to change and meet some friends at the Top of the Standard Meat Packing to begin the celebration. When we entered the gorgeous top of the standard, we were greeted by our closest friends and our entire family which was quite possible an even bigger surprise. What is better than getting engaged in NYC AND being surprised with your whole family flying in from Chicago. My heart skipped several beats and I was completely surprised and overjoyed. Charles pulled out all the stops to make our engagement weekend perfect. We continued to celebrate all weekend in NYC which included a celebratory private dinner at STK, late night cocktails at Joshua Tree (or favorite neighborhood bar), brunch at Bagatelle and an amazing Saturday night party at the legendary Carnegie Club followed by late night bottle service at Gansevoort Park Rooftop. I can’t imagine a more perfect engagement. The celebration wouldn’t have been possible without the support of our two families who came from Chicago and Michigan for the most epic surprise.

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