Megan and Carter

How We Met

In tenth grade, I walked into my physics class and immediately noticed Carter at the back of the room. I had seen him around in the halls before and we had some mutual friends but I had never actually talked to him. Well, a few weeks went by and we slowly started talking more and more. He needed help with his homework and I was just completely shocked that a cute football player was talking to me! He eventually caught the hint and asked me to prom that year and we’ve been together ever since!

how they asked

In all the years we have been dating, Carter has always been made a point to call and ask me on what we call “dress-up dates” about once a month. This time, he called an asked if I wanted to go out on a double date with his friend (who just happens to be an amazingly talented photographer) and his new girlfriend. A few days before our date he informed me that his friend wanted to drive around and take pictures, so I should think of some cool places in Salt Lake City and make sure that our outfits coordinated so we could take a few pictures together. The day came and we drove around for a while taking pictures of different scenery when his friend suggested we go to the state capitol building (which just happens to be where we attended all 3 of our high school proms together) because he had never been before. Once we parked and were walking around the building we found this gorgeous tunnel of cherry blossoms in full bloom. As his friend was taking pictures of the trees, Carter suggested we walk down aways and have him take a couple pictures of us. As we were walking he started saying incredibly sweet things and before I knew it, he was on one knee asking me to marry him!

Megan and Carter's Engagement in Utah State Capitol

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