Megan and Cameron

Image 1 of Megan and Cameron

How We Met

I originally met Cameron over 6 years ago through a mutual friend to have a date for my senior prom. What I thought would be just my date for the evening turned into so much more. When I was getting to know Cameron through text messages, we found out that we had so much in common. This is when I found out he was planning to transfer to the same college I was planning to attend. It was like it was meant to be! Since my senior prom, we have been inseparable since.

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Cameron graduated from Greensboro College in December 2017 and I graduated May 2018. However, due to our small school, they only have one commencement so we were able to celebrate graduation together. Since graduation, Cameron has been working for United Healthcare and we moved to Durham, NC so I could pursue my BSN at Duke University. Cameron has been in my life for all the big accomplishments and milestones and I can’t wait until the day I say I do!

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How They Asked

We were supposed to be at Disney World this week. However, due to COVID-19, we had to unfortunately cancel. Cameron was planning to propose at our dinner at Cinderella’s Royal Table with a glass slipper but since we had to cancel our trip he had to come up with a different plan to go with the custom box he had made. He reached out to my friend Leah to plan a different proposal. For our six-year anniversary, he got me two dresses (one in which I’m wearing in the photos) and an “anniversary photo shoot”. I didn’t think anything of it and was looking forward to seeing a friend who I haven’t seen in so long.

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When we were taking photos Leah told me to look at her and reach back for Cameron’s hand. I didn’t realize at first but when I did I was shocked! He was down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I am still so surprised because usually, I am one to try and figure everything out. I know this isn’t how he hoped to propose but I still thought it was perfect in every way. He made sure it was going to be perfect. I can’t wait to spend forever with him!

Image 6 of Megan and Cameron

Special Thanks

Leah Bishop
 | Photographer