Megan and Bubba

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How We Met

Bubba’s mom and my mom worked together at a doctor’s office, and every year the doctor would host a Christmas party. When we were only 8 years old, we went to the Christmas party and when he saw me, he asked his mom if I was an angel – and so it began. From that moment on we always made sure to visit each other’s mom if we happened to be at their office. He’d go sit in my mom’s office and look at pictures of me and I’d always go to his mom’s office for a piece of candy and a glimpse at any and every picture she had of him in her office. My parents wouldn’t let me date until I was 16 years old (no matter how many times Bubba asked my mom if he could take me on a date). When I turned 16 Bubba took me on my first date and, to be honest, I wasn’t too sure about him! After some convincing, in June of 2011 I decided I would take Bubba up on his offer and I’d be his girlfriend.

After dating through high school and some college, our relationship came to an end and we went our separate ways.

God had other plans for us, however, and we both learned that when something is meant to be, God will do whatever it takes to make it happen.

September 21, 2016 I got a phone call saying that Bubba had gone into cardiac arrest while he was working out with his rookie school class at a local fire department. He was without a pulse for 8 minutes. After shocking him 3 times and performing CPR, Bubba was revived and was in the ICU on a ventilator. He battled day after day and I went to sit with his family and visit him day after day. Finally after what felt like forever, but was only a few days, Bubba decided he was too strong to be on the ICU. The doctors were able to take him off of the ventilator and he was breathing on his own and talking to us asking what in the world had happened to him. The doctors decided to put in an ICD as a precaution (because they had no idea what caused him to go into cardiac arrest, even after performing countless tests on him) and Bubba was released from the hospital.

After a little time had passed, Bubba and I were able to catch up on some things and he asked me if I’d meet him for dinner so we could talk about all that had happened to him. One date led to another and I became Bubba’a girlfriend for a final time! (He swears the reason he went into cardiac arrest was so that God could bring us back together and allow us to see what we truly meant to one another.)

how they asked

On our 1 year anniversary in 2012, Bubba took me on a walk down a beautiful nature trail with a creek, multiple ponds and a clear view of God’a beautiful creation. There were countless trees around us, so we did as any young couple would do – we carved our initials in the tree and put 1 tally mark underneath because we said every time we came back, we would add a new tally mark.

My best friend, Ruby Ann, loves photography and asked if she could take some new pictures of Bubba and myself, so of course I said yes.

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When I asked Bubba where he’d like some pictures taken, he mentioned the nature trail and his family’a farm. Our first stop was the nature trail. Bubba, Ruby Ann and I made our way down the nature trail towards the tree and when we got there, Bubba had to add a new tally mark. After he did I took a picture of it on my phone (so I could put it on Snapchat of course) but I had to get perfect lighting so it took a minute which was perfect, because little did I know that Bubba had gotten down on one knee behind me to ask me to be his wife and Ruby Ann had backed away to capture every bit of it on her camera!

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12/30/2016 – The man who took me on my first date became my forever date!