Megan and Bryan

How We Met

Megan moved from Arizona and found a random Craiglist roommate that happened to be one of my good mutual friends.

how they asked

With the assistance of my mom who had recently passed away just a month before the proposal, we orchestrated a gorgeous proposal at a friend’s family vineyard in Calistoga. Every single detail went exactly as planned – absolute stealthiness!
The plan was for Megan and I to have a get-away weekend up in Napa – the date was mother’s day in honor of my mom but Megan had no clue. I had planned for us to have a private wine tasting at Diamond Creek Winery for just the two of us which is romantic enough on its own, but what really happened was that I took her to the winery, drove her down to an area where we had a little champagne to celebrate their time together, and then we went for a walk to a lake on the property, where the photographer was hiding discretely in the bushes!
Megan had no clue; she was absolutely surprised and blown away by the surprise. Her reaction is absolutely priceless – there’s so much pure joy and love between the two of us.
But it gets better.
After the surprise had settled in and a nice walk around the winery, I took Megan up to the main house on top of the hill. There, Megan’s family, who had flown in from Arizona, and my family were hiding for the second surprise of the day. Megan was brought to tears and shock once again. It was all captured beautifully.
Best part – we are getting married this Thursday!